What is a pillow? This is not only a common and necessary attribute for sleep. This is a necessary, bright, significant, stylish element of the interior!

The house always seems a little empty if there are no cozy little things in it. Framed photos, panels, paintings, vases, various souvenirs and things dear to the heart-all this gives the room the very zest, without which it seems faceless. This fully applies to decorative pillows, which can solve a huge number of interior tasks.

Beautiful pillows laid out on sofas, chairs and even on the floor give the house a complete look, make the room more cozy and comfortable, give a special atmosphere. They become the” face ” of the interior, showing the style of the home interior.

Pillows place color accents in the interior. If you need to add bright colors in the room, if you need to tie together shades, if you need to strengthen the main color of the room — pillows are the first helpers in this! It often happens that when sewing curtains, there is a little fabric left. That’s great! Combining these pieces with other fabrics, complementing them with lace, ribbons or any other trim, we get the most irreplaceable, unique, individual accent. Pillows can also be laid out in the kitchen. If you have a wide windowsill and a south side, then this is problematic for creating an interior. Flowers do not decorate the windowsill, it is difficult for plants in the open sun. But the pillows are the very thing! You can even sit comfortably here. For example, over a cup of morning tea, meeting the early dawn.

Today it is very fashionable when the interior is filled with handmade products. This means that you can use pillows made in various techniques. Such a variety makes it possible to bring more different invoices and colors, a wide variety of textures to the interior, and this makes any room interesting, not boring, and very saturated. Pillows with different pillow cases can be placed side by side, thus you will make the decor more original. For example, often a bedspread is sold together with the same pillowcases for pillows, forming a set. And if you add another pillow of a different technique or color to them – this is already original, unusual, noticeable. 

Of course, you can not do without soft, cozy things in the children’s room! Children notice details, something interesting, bright, unusual, the environment is important to them. And if the room pleases them with color and comfort, they grow up happy and joyful. Here the pillow can be like a bumper in the crib, as a color accent, as a toy. It is very beautiful when the pillow is decorated with embroidery or their favorite characters of their movie, or unusual pictures. You can find such branded pillows here. It is touching, memorable, beautiful, individual.

Decorative pillows are the most inexpensive way to update the interior. Without drastic alterations and repairs, you can completely change the room beyond recognition. Change the covers or pillowcases — and your interior has  a completely different look!

It is known that the main formula of comfort is the presence of a” soul ” in the living space. Try to transform your home with the help of decorative pillows, make it original, bright, unique, and stylish. Invent and create! A cozy atmosphere in any home is a sign of family well-being and happiness.

How to choose decorative pillows?

First of all, you should take into account the design and color of the room. There is a lot of freedom in choosing pillows. If you care about a satisfactory end result, it is good to choose pillows that will visually combine with other interior elements. There are several options for selecting pillows for the interior style. For example, you can choose them on a contract basis or buy decorative pillows of a similar color. If the design already has a carpet, sofa, curtains or wallpaper on the wall in the room, the ornaments on the pillows should be in harmony with them. 

Determine the style of furniture in each room. Pillows should be chosen to match the rest of your decor – classic, boho, Scandinavian, etc. Think carefully about where you want to place pillows, and remember that their size should depend on the dimensions of the furniture.

An easy way to choose an interesting set of decorative pillows  is to focus on the tone of the upholstery of your sofa. Pillows should be clearly darker or clearly lighter than the sofa. In one set of pillows, both darker and lighter ones can be present at the same time compared to the tone of the upholstery of the sofa or chair.

How to combine patterns and colors?

Decorative pillows should not only fit well into the overall design, but also be combined with each other. The easiest way is to choose plain pillows, without drawings, two or three matching tones, that is, colors located next to each other in the color spectrum (for example, green and blue). Another option is a combination of neutral colors, that is, white, gray and black, they can also be combined with other colors.

Difficulties begin when choosing pillows with different designs. How to do it? The drawings on the individual pillows do not have to be the same color. Pillows with different patterns (for example, a small pattern plus a large print in the form of images of animals, inscriptions, etc.) will be ideal in one color. The recommended combination is a large pattern, a small pattern and a floral pattern. Do not be afraid to experiment, because unusual combinations fit perfectly into the interior