Unlike your 3-piece living room suite, your outdoor furniture has to endure the harsh elements. Unless you take care, its lifespan can be drastically reduced by a lack of maintenance. Your outdoor furniture is no doubt a considerable investment, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to extend the life of your garden furniture.

  • Caring for Teak Wood – Teak is a great choice for outdoor furniture, and while it is certainly not the cheapest, it will last for decades, especially with the right care. Teak has a high oil content and a tight grain, which helps it to resist water. All it requires is an annual coat of a special teak solution. Make sure you remove all cushions until the stain is completely dry.
  • Rattan Wicker – While natural rattan wicker is not waterproof, modern wicker resin is. There are special offers on outdoor furniture online, with some very attractive suites at discounted prices. Treated rattan wicker only requires an annual wash with mild detergent, and don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly with clean water, which will remove the build-up of dirt and grime.

Rattan Wicker

  • Aluminium – A great metal for outdoor furniture, as it never rusts and can be powder coated to just about any colour. It is better to have aluminium that is powder coated, as this prevents oxidisation, as the paint coating offers the surface protection. Regarding washing aluminium, car shampoo is great, as it removes dirt and grime, plus it leaves the aluminium with an attractive sheen that also helps to protect it from the elements. There is also an informative blog on how to care for outdoor furniture, which makes for an interesting read.
  • Wrought Iron – Wrought iron is very durable, but it must be coated with a water-resistant solution, which offers the surface total protection. Cleaning is best done with a damp cloth, or a wash with mild detergent, which will remove ingrained dirt and grime. It is important to understand that wrought iron is only protected against rust if it is coated with a special solution. Any chips should be touched up to prevent the onset of rust.

Outdoor Fabrics

  • Outdoor Fabrics – Your outdoor fabrics also need some TLC, and the ideal fabric is solution dyed acrylic, which weathers very well. The secret to keeping outdoor fabric in good condition is to remove any dirt or stains immediately, not allowing them to penetrate the fabric. Most fabrics can be dry cleaned, although you should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to be absolutely safe.


If you aren’t going to be using your outdoor furniture and you have the space in the garage, it is always a good idea to store some items. Of course, try to protect any fabric items from the weather. It is always prudent to buy high-quality outdoor furniture, as it will stand the test of time. With a little TLC, your tables and chairs will provide you with many years of service.