Bringing a pet home is like bringing a baby home! Aside of the toilet-training and sleepless nights, a lot of thought goes into dog-proofing your home. You need to ensure your home is a safe abode for your furry friend. Additionally, some home tweaks are also necessary to make this transition easier for you as a dog parent. If adopting a dog is on your mind, here’s a handy list of must-do renovation that has you covered on safety, convenience and comfort for you and your furball. You can thank us later! 

Seal The Exits

The last thing you want is your little pooch running off outdoors every chance he gets. And mind you, since he’s yet to mentally register his new home, there’s every chance he will do exactly that. You don’t want to be running out multiple times a day looking for him. Hence, it’s important you seal off exits to the backyard, balconies, garage etc. Also install a pet door flap on your front door if it’s a pup you’re bringing home. You can unlock the flap when you’re gates are locked for the day so you know your dog can’t exit your premises. 

Rethink Wooden Flooring

Dogs love scratching on surfaces, and wooden ones are their favourite! If you’re considering bringing a pet home anytime soon, we strongly suggest you steer clear of wooden flooring for any and every part of your home. We know how tempting plush wooden flooring can be. It’s timeless classy appeal makes it a universal favourite. But with a dog, he’s going to scratch away on it and ruin it’s shine. You also run a risk of an awkward toilet moment or two dampening the floor. That would be disastrous in terms of termites and stench. So give up that coveted wooden flooring before your fur baby arrives.

Ditch The Rugs

Those lush rugs are a real thing of beauty in your home. But not when you have pets! Your rugs will become a magnet for fur and no amount of brushing will help! Also, not to mention the accidental toilet embarrassment your pet may have on it, mistaking it to be grass (those poor Persian rugs!) As tough as it may be, ditch the rugs on your flooring if you’re bringing home a furry dog. In case of a guard dog breed such as Boxers or Dobermans, you could make an exception. But a house dog and floor rugs is a strict no-no! 

Choose Your Dog’s Corner

Make a cosy little space for your dog before you bring him home. This includes an indoor dog bed where he can lounge in the afternoons for a siesta. An outdoor dog house is a must-have even for a house dog. It’s his own abode for when he’s exploring out in the open where he can hide his bones stack and collectives. My dog supplies has the cosiest collection of dog essentials that you would love to pamper your pooch with. 

Elevate Your Shoe Stand

We don’t need to emphasize how much your new family member is going to love nibbling on all your shoes. So if you don’t want your toddler throwing a tantrum because his new pair of shoes are tattered, shift the location of your shoes to a very, very covert and high area. Well, not the loft. But definitely out of your doggie dearest’s reach!