We all want our homes to have an element of luxury. Subtle touches to our home’s exterior can set it apart from the typical, magazine-style decor. But is it possible to create a luxurious look without destroying your budget? While some pieces on this list will cost more than others, the following classic decor accents will make your living space shine in glitz and glamour.

Accent Towels

Towels are all over our home and are often thrown recklessly across our appliances or are placed half-hazard over racks, towel bars, or stands. Towels can make any space look more luxurious if they’re new, match the room’s color interior, and are folded nicely. The baroque design on the designer goods from Versace also gives off an air of royalty and opulence. Just be sure to fold your towel lengthwise, then in half towards the center, so it drapes elegantly.

Lamps and Light

Light makes every room look bigger, and giant homes are always associated with luxury. If you have a large window in your home, remove the curtains entirely to add more light into the room. After the sun sets, use lighting fixtures like freestanding lamps, wall-up lighters, and table lamps to expertly brighten the ceiling and standing walls. For a more luxurious look, use soft lighting because it’s gentle and enhances the room’s decor rather than casting dark shadows.

Blinds Instead of Curtains

Curtains can make a window look luxurious, but only if it’s large and doesn’t remove too much light out of the room. If you have a small accent window at the end of a hallway or in the bathroom, blinds made of a soft fabric will cast warm light into any space. Roman blinds that fit the window perfectly will also offer privacy. Opt for blinds with a white background and a light grey pattern to give the room a focal point and an attractive art piece. 

Add Lots of Art

Fine art has been associated with the high-class for centuries because only the exorbitantly wealthy could afford wall dressing. Now, fine art is easy to afford but still gives off the look and feel of luxury even if your walls aren’t filled with Banksy and Monet. If you want to go the “famous artist” route, plenty of places offer prints for a low price. For more unique, painted pieces, shop around coffee shops and art festivals.

Large Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are the perfect way to bring light into spaces where it lacked before. Mirrors can reflect natural and unnatural light and make the room look bigger, but you have to be strategic on where you place it. Put a mirror near a window or in an empty spot in your home to bring the room together. Don’t ever put a mirror without a thick frame in your house because it will look drab and could be more dangerous due to the sharp corners.

Improve Your Bedding

Beds can look very sad if they have few pillows, no headboard, and rest on the floor without a frame. While you probably have a frame, add a headboard to dress up the back on the wall. Add soft throw pillows, clean, unstained sheets, and a few accent pillowcases on bed items you’re not using. If you truly want to feel luxurious, use Egyptian cotton sheets. You’d be surprised how rich you’ll feel sleeping on those.

Something Vintage

Vintage accents like a typewriter or a candelabra can instantly make the room look older and, therefore, more affluent. Ornate, gilded, and glamorous all come to mind when we think of vintage, and there are many accents you can choose from. Some decor elements, like a distressed wood coffee table, will look better if the entire room matches. On the other hand, a decorative teacup nestled nicely on the table can give any space a personality boost.