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For building your perfect dream home, you must pay close attention to the house plan to ensure that it meets your expectations. Share your ideas with the architect and use their professional advice to refine the concept to create a perfect plan that has everything you want for creating the home of your dreams in Adelaide. However, despite your best efforts, it often turns into an exercise of unfulfilled wishes because after the initial excitement subsides, gaps and mistakes in the design keep showing up that leaves you repenting. Even the most seasoned house planners and designers face this problem, but you can reduce the chances of erring with the design by devoting more time for the design layout from the beginning.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes in house design that you should avoid.

The kitchen and garage are far away from one another

How far should the garage be from the kitchen? This might seem a very innocuous question but very important in the context of house plan because if the garage is far away from the kitchen, it can cause a lot of inconveniences to carry the groceries from the car to the kitchen. Keep the distance between the kitchen and garage as minimal as possible without compromising on the aesthetics while focusing on usability. Ideally, you can make the rooms adjacent to one another provided it matches with other design criteria.

No buffer between the living spaces and master bedroom

The master bedroom location must ensure that there is adequate space between it and the living spaces that helps to maintain privacy. Be careful not to be the position it too close to family rooms or the kitchen because it would hinder the privacy and appear an extension of the noisy places. The cool and peaceful master bedroom that you desire with complete privacy could get lost in the humdrum. Ensure that there is enough space between the master bedroom and living spaces and there should not be accessible to its entry point from the kitchen, breakfast room or the family room.

No buffer between the living spaces and master bedroom

Too many rooms for dedicated use

You can surely have multiple rooms at home but having too many rooms dedicated for specific use can rob the design of its flexibility and make it look like a cage. In addition, it eats up too much space and hinders the effective use of space. Having fewer but larger rooms can ease out the problem and give an airy feeling to the design that looks more spacious. Design rooms in such a way so that it can serve a dual purpose like converting a bedroom into a home office if required. The concept adds more flexibility to space usage in the future.

Using room like a hallway

Using room like a hallway

Develop a house traffic plan by ensuring that people do not travel through the rooms to reach from the front end of the house to the rear. Rooms are rooms and do not make the mistake of treating it as corridors. Provide minimal passages for movement created exclusively for the purpose.