There is nothing more refreshing and beautiful than a bouquet or vase of fresh flowers. They really make a house a home and brighten up any living space. Flowers make the perfect gift whether that’s for Valentines Day or a birthday, there is nothing better than receiving an incredible floral arrangement.

So how do you choose the most perfect bouquet? Choosing flowers can be a bit intimidating especially if you don’t know much about them. There is an ocean of flowers available for you to buy and so it can be very daunting, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular flowers that you are most likely to find in floral arrangements.


There is no other flower more popular and famous than the rose. Roses have long been associated with love and romance and are the perfect flower to give to someone to tell them ‘I love you’. There are thousands of different kinds of roses to choose from, coming in different sizes, colors and shapes. We literally have a whole holiday dedicated to the act of giving roses but Valentines Day is not the only time that its appropriate to gift roses. They are the gift that keeps on giving and different colors have different meanings from admiration to apologies, they are the most versatile flower and for that reason they will always remain at the top of our list.


The springtime flower and the star of any bouquet, the tulip has been wildly popular for centuries. Most people think that this wonderful flower originated in the Netherlands due to their long association with them, but they actually come from central Asia. They grew as a wild flower there before being brought over to Europe in the 16th Century. They quickly became very popular, especially in the Netherlands, and people just couldn’t get enough. Due to ‘the tulip mania’ that occurred as a result of the obsession that the Netherlands had for them, the prices became sky high and led to the markets crashing.

Since the 18th century Turkey has held a festival dedicated entirely to the tulip. Even today it is still quite a sight to behold.
The popularity of the tulip never faltered and they still stand as one of the most popular flowers in the world with Holland being known as the place to get them. They truly are a stunning flower and come in a variety of different colors, meaning you can never go wrong with a tulip.


The lily is a flower that possesses many different meanings and are simply bursting with symbolism. They are a very recognizable bloom and are the go to flower for a number of different life events, some in stark contrast to each other, such as weddings and funerals. They stand for both life and death, love and grief, and are just a simply elegant addition to any bouquet. They are capable of evoking many emotions and they symbolize three main things: purity, love and grief.

Purity – The color white has always symbolized virginity and purity and so they are a popular flower at Christian weddings. Their delicate appearance makes them perfect to represent something as pure as marriage.

Love – In the Victorian era when any display of human emotion was frowned upon, the language of flowers known as floriography was created. To communicate their feelings, they gave a meaning to every flower with some still being recognized as the meaning that they were once assigned to all those years ago. They decided that a lily would be recognized as a gift from her lover as the Romans use to stuff their pillows with the fragrant flower, which then related them to the act of love-making.

Grief – For years lilies have been recognized as a funeral flower in the UK. Although they also stand for love and happier emotions, they can also represent loss of life. Lilies whiteness ‘stands for peace and serenity, while the inherent transience of cut flowers, which bloom and die, are symbolic of life’s passing’.

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