There are a lot of people that have no idea what a snow guard is, as they are not commonly seen on our homes, but as the name suggests, snow guards prevent heavy snow from sliding off the roof, which could cause a serious injury or worse. They are also known as ‘roof tile guards’, as they prevent any objects from falling from the roof. More and more homeowners, especially in the UK, are having these aluminium brackets fitted under their guttering that a thin net can be fixed to. This traps anything that might roll down the roof tiles.

Tailored To Your Roof

Due to the ease of making these snow guard brackets, the supplier can create custom brackets that are effective and do not look ugly. Indeed, a streamlined design would hardly be noticeable and if you have had the experience of a roof tile crashing to the floor only a few feet away, then you will understand why homeowners have snow guards installed. The cost is minimal and once in place, the guards will keep your guttering clean and when you have the roof inspected, the roofer can clean the guards.

Powder Coated Colours

Aside from chrome or metallic finish, the brackets can be powder coated to any colour, allowing you to match the surrounds. Indeed, there are tile roof snow guards for sale online and they come with a full set of instructions, or you can ask your local roofer to install them. There is often quite a lot of snow in the UK winters, which is just one of the reasons why homeowners should put a snow guard on their roof.

Protect Your Family

If you search online, you’ll be surprised to learn that some people are actually killed by falling snow that turned into ice, and while the odds might be on your side, it isn’t worth taking the risk when you can buy snow guards for a very reasonable price. If not snow, it could be slate roof tiles and you certainly don’t want to be hit on the head by such a heavy item and when you have fitted your snow guards, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roofline is protected.

Keeping Your Guttering Clear Of Obstacles

One thing is for sure, when you fit snow guards, there will be no debris falling from the roof only to block the guttering. This means you no longer have to get your ladders out to clean the guttering, as the snow guard prevents anything from falling into the guttering, making sure there is an escape route for excess rainwater.

If you would like to find out the cost of snow guards for your roof, Google is your best friend and can help you make contact with a supplier of the best snow guards. They are very easy to fit and if you would rather have an expert do it, your local roofer would be happy to help for a small fee.