Now that summer is around the corner, it is time to dust off those gardening shears and gloves to restore and rejuvenate your gardens for all those outdoor events you have planned. Flowers should not be the only things that draw attention to your garden this year, so we have carefully curated a list of amazing ideas and easy projects to make your home gardens go from just okay to the talk of the neighborhood. These ideas are easy enough to follow and make for fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Incorporate and Integrate your Plants and Textures

Perhaps the easiest thing to do to spruce up your garden is to mix up the flowers and plants you already have to create a kaleidoscope of colors and a variety of textures. Get a rough idea of the space you have available for planting and work with different flowers and even herbs are vegetables accordingly. If you have a large garden and need to fill up space, shrubbery can come in handy and should be used at the start and end only to be punctuated with flowers of 4-5 types repeated throughout the garden. Repeating the same type of flowers gives a pleasing view. In small spaces, it is better to use shorter plants that are fragrant as they appeal to the visual as well as olfactory senses.

Play with Height and Curves

To make your garden appear bigger and fancier, one trick could be to ditch a single-level straight garden and use levels and curves. This can be done by creating tiny terraces in your garden on which you can plant your flowers, or by incorporating a wooden deck or patio. You can also add a stone feature to place the garden furniture on. Adding curving pathways to your garden can help create intrigue and an illusion of a bigger space. Both height and curves can be used together by adding pillars covered in creepers along the curved pathway to create an aura of intrigue and mystery in your garden.

 Paving the Way to a More Beautiful Garden

Using beautiful paving stones can really set the theme and tone for your garden and can help in transforming the space. It is also very convenient for navigating the garden without stepping on and ruining the grass and the plants. Different colored paving can provide different looks to your space. A light-colored cream and goldstone can provide the feeling of the English countryside whereas a random setting of grey and white might remind you of the villages in France. 

Adding a Water Feature

Small fountains and ponds in gardens are not a new discovery yet their contribution in transforming an outdoor space is often overlooked. Including a small fountain in the corner or middle of your garden or incorporating these Water Gardens in your outdoor space can help create a much-needed change in a monotonous space. Adding a water feature can also help you integrate your elements to appeal to all your senses; visual as well as auditory, by looking out to see the water feature or to just hear the trickling while you enjoy your evenings.

Choose your Furniture Wisely

It is pertinent that the furniture you choose for your garden goes well with the rest of the space. The placement of the furniture is also essential to the overall look of the garden. If your outdoor space has a rustic vibe, the furniture should also complement the theme. Generally, wicker or wooden furniture goes well with most backyards. For a fancier look, however, wrought iron chairs and tables can also be used. The furniture should be placed in an area that allows easy access and also lets you enjoy your space. 

Let there be Light

Lighting is easily the most important feature when it comes to making or breaking the space. Good lighting along your pathways, and near your tall, shady plants can help brighten up the space. Use soft lights like fairy lights or Edison bulbs near your furniture to add a whimsical touch to your space.

Home and garden improvement does not necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on renovations and new products. These ideas can be achieved by knowing how to utilize the space and the materials you may already have at hand or can find readily available and are also cost-effective. It’s important to have smart and creative ideas at your disposal, and you’ll find that tending to your garden area will probably be the most fun project you’ve taken on in a long time.