Insomnia is something that can get to you at any point and becomes a hurdle in life. This includes your health, progress at work, college and even if you are a gym rat. It also affects your overall personality and makes you less motivated, lazy and even tired very easily as well. One of the things about it is that you can get over it very easily and will require a few minor tweaking to be done to your habits and schedule. Also, you can consult an expert or get an app that can help you improve your lifestyle and put you to bed on time. 

In the current digital age, many apps work as your sleep tracker, analyst and expert that not only create your overall schedule but also help you get motivation and recommendations to sleep well as well. If you are an iPhone or iOS user, you can simply use any app that can provide you with data and analysis of your sleep patterns and other dynamics that can help you improve your sleep cycle. 

One of the reasons behind the urge of sleeping well is that it completes your entire movement or effort made to stay healthy in life, motivated at work and active out in the field if you are a fitness freak or sportsman. It is also connected with you aging well too. To make the most of such gadgets and apps, you can use the best internet services. 

For this, it is a good idea that you can lookout for the best TV and internet bundles that go easy on your pocket as well. Let’s have a few iOS apps that can help you improve your sleep and eventually get you a healthy lifestyle. 


If you are someone who has issues falling asleep, then you can use this app only for around 5 minutes and you will go to sleep soundly in no time. The app has a wide range of ultra-relaxing and soothing stories that can help you battle insomnia, relax your mind through meditation and eventually fall asleep. You can use the app every night if you have problems sleeping. 

To use the app, you can select from a relaxing story that can get you in a deep and calm state of your mind. It then adjusts your mood with the natural sounds in the background and creates the perfect ambiance to get you to bed at night. You can download tracks if you are into offline listening and traveling and check out your usage of the app over time. 

App Store Ratings: 4.7

BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep 

If you have tried a lot of apps in the past and got less or no improvement for your sleeping habits, then you should give this app a last chance. This is the app that can help you understand your sleep, improve your sleeping habits, track your sleeping cycles and uses premium quality sleep sounds and content that can guide you accordingly. 

The app is known for its unique approach using audio content like stories, sounds, meditation and hypnosis and many other features like timers that can help you stop the app after a certain time, bedtime reminders and more. All of these make the app your complete sleep improvement expert and mindfulness trainer 

App Store Ratings: 4.8


This is one of the top apps that can help you vent out your thoughts and channel your feelings so that you can refrain from being restless and practice mindfulness. You can use the app to pen down your thoughts and feelings that you come across every day and let the app keep a check on your mood. With everything in place, you are given personalized prompts by the app to keep you motivated. 

Reflectly is created to use positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness to build a positive mindset for you and get you tools that work as habit trackers. Apart from that, there are challenges and even an insight check that you can use whenever you want to use them. The AI and smart gadgets help you know about yourself by providing you with graphs and correlations that you can analyze yourself. 

App Store Ratings: 4.6


If you want to make your sleep improvement process and treatment less stressful, then you can use Sleepa which is very easy to use and has a beautiful design that will help you sleep easily. The approach it uses is to get you an ambient sleep sound and get you across a library of different sounds that will become a perfect fit for you to sleep better and by using a simple process. 

The powerful features used by Sleepa to put you to sleep include more than 120 million different sound combinations, original artwork that is part of the app throughout your use, iOS 14 support and a home screen widget so that you can get quick access to different sounds and more. Also, the app has an ambient alarm that works with a battery-efficient sleep timer and the white noises and binaural beats replicate your brainwaves at times. 

App Store Ratings: 5.0

To use the app it is a good idea that you get the best internet connectivity and get help with improving your health and your sleep cycle. This will ultimately create a very positive and healthy environment around you. So used Spectrum internet service and order their service using the Spectrum phone number present on their website.

In the end, one can say that using the apps mentioned above can improve your health and habits as a whole. One can say that sleeping mindfully is the key to better health, life career and personality. If you are someone who has issues sleeping, then you can take help from the apps mentioned if you are an iPhone user.