The times are moving quickly, and technology is not lagging by any means. Next-generation tech has quickly found its way to your door. If that sounds a bit unrealistic, you might need to look at all those video doorbells in your neighbourhood the next time you go for a walk. 

Video doorbells have become a trend in recent years. At the center of it are the Ring doorbells backed by Amazon. These doorbells have been readily accepted worldwide and for a good reason too. However, they are not the only brand out there. Now, you can choose from a variety of Ring doorbell alternatives.

It might be wise to upgrade from your old, ordinary doorbell to a smarter one. So, continue reading to make a more informed decision about your next purchase.

How Does a Ring Doorbell Work?

Home security is a growing concern these days. Even more so when you leave children at home or your package gets dropped off at your doorstep while you’re away. It is essential to know just how your Ring doorbell works to reinforce your home security. 

Ring doorbells are powered by either a power source or a rechargeable battery. The motion sensor built in the doorbell detects activity up to 30ft. Any movement within that range will activate the camera and the voice recorder. The recorded video is saved to your cloud storage.  The purchase of acloud subscription is required to properly operate the Ring to its full potential.

The best feature is its connectivity. Ring doorbells connect with your Wi-Fi and send you notifications on your phone through the Ring application. This feature lets you view your doorstep anytime, anywhere. You can even communicate with the person at your doorstep through the app, as the doorbell supports two-way communication. 

You can even get other cameras and devices onboard the application to have all of your house security in the palm of your hand. Another helpful feature is the neighbour’s function. This allows you to raise issues collectively with other users in your neighbourhood like power outages, fires, missing pets, and even crimes.

Is It Tough to Install a Ring doorbell?

Not as challenging as you might think. Installation is made easy through a step-by-step video guide in the Ring app. All tools to install the device will be provided other than heavy tools like a drill. Except for the Ring Elite, all the Ring devises can be installed on your own. drill will only come into play if you plan to mount it onto brick or concrete. Otherwise, you can easily screw it onto the wood. Just follow the instructions, and you will be done in no time.

Issues Faced by Ring 

You can expect a product that constantly monitors your area through video and audio to raise some alarms regarding privacy. Some versions of the device are loaded with excessive features, recording voice up to 40ft away. In some states and countries, these capabilities have breached data protection laws. Therefore, owners should tune down their doorbell setting to a reasonable range.

Furthermore, there have been instances when users complained about hearing voices from the doorbell without active two-way communication. Many had sued the company for invasions of privacy. Victims of hacking had to deal with threats and racial slurs because of the company’s lax security.

So, is a Ring Doorbell Worth It?

Given the features that Ring doorbells offer you, it surely deserves some thought and consideration.

Looking at the prices from the Ring One to the Ring Elite, these doorbells can set you back $100 – $500. Additional gadgets or accessories and the required cloud subscription would cost you upwards of $10. Many consider the Ring Three sufficient enough for their needs.

Given the same price ranges, you can also look at other brands like Eufy, Arlo, and Remo. All these provide a different combination of hardware at a different price that might suit your needs and budget.

One thing is for sure. Getting a video doorbell is worth it. It provides a sense of safety before answering your door and allows you to see when packages are delivered for ease and convenience. 

Final Thoughts

Ring doorbells are great home security devices. They have empowered households with accessible home security. Every user continues their day with the assurance that their loved ones can stay under their protection even from far away.