Having a pool is great, and there are many benefits to an above ground pool. Here is a guide showing above ground pool sizes and depths.

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals 10.4 million Americans own a backyard pool. If you are one of the many Americans considering installing an above ground pool you may be overwhelmed by all the information on pools.

This guide will take a look at above ground pool sizes and depths and help you make the best selection.

Above Ground Pool Sizes

Above ground swimming pools come in a variety of sizes. Traditional above ground pools are usually round or oval in shape. They vary in size from 12 feet to 33 feet in diameter.

There are two main types of above ground pools: traditional above ground pools and inflatable pools. Inflatable pools are a great option for small children who do not know how to swim yet. They are quick and easy to install and takedown.

However, these pools do not hold a large volume of water and can be difficult to keep clean. If your inflatable gets a hole it is generally considered irreparable.

Different types of above ground pools are constructed from steel, aluminum, resin, or metal posts. They have a vinyl liner, filtration system, and a above ground pool pump. You can buy an above ground pool at a pool specialty store.

Above ground pools are quick and easy to install. The process usually takes a day. They can also be taken with you when you move.

Most above ground pools have a warranty and they can easily last 15 to 20 years if they are properly maintained.

These pools do require some prep work to the site where they will be installed. It is also necessary to have a 110v electrical connection for the pool filter and pump. You will need an electrician to install one of these if you don’t already have one.

Proper maintenance of your above ground pool will ensure that it doesn’t leak. Above ground pools can be fixed if there is a hole.

Above Ground Pool Depths

Most above ground pools are somewhere between 48 inches and 58 inches deep. They are many deep above ground pools available on the market. Above ground pools can feature many things like an inground pool, however, they typically do not have diving boards out of concern for safety.

The depth of an above ground pool is perfect for swimming, exercising, and cooling off during the hot summer months.

The taller the pool wall the deeper the above ground pool can be. This does not mean, however, that if you purchase a 52-inch pool that your pool will be 52-inches deep. There is typically a 2 inch base at the bottom of the pool that detracts from the water level.

You will also need around 6 inches from the water line to the top of the wall to ensure the water stays in your pool. Subtract 8 inches from the wall height to get the average depth of your above ground pool.

Originally taller above ground pools were created to provide privacy for swimmers, not deeper pools. After that homeowners began filling their pools up with more water to create deeper pools.

Older above ground pools are commonly 48 inches high. These days you can find above ground pools with 52 or 54 inches of water in depth. There really isn’t that much difference between two inches of water so choose the above ground pool that best first your budget from a brand you trust.

Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

When you decide to purchase an above ground pool the first thing you should do is decide where you will put it. Measure the area of your yard to see what size and shape of the pool will work best in your yard.

When measuring allow three extra feet around all the sides but buttresses (supports). Some newer versions of above ground pools are made without buttresses but it is good to keep in mind how much extra room you will need if your pool has these supports.

You might not be able to find the exact perfect size of an above ground pool for your backyard. It’s good to go to your pool specialty store and see the range of sizes that above ground pools come in.

Decide on the shape, length, and height for your pool. Many people choose a deep 52-inch pool because it offers more opportunities for swimming than its 48-inch counterpart. Choose the pool that best fits your needs.

A lower depth above ground pool may be safer for young children or children who haven’t learned how to swim. Check with your local building inspector to make sure your above ground pool will comply with all local ordinances.

How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Cost? 

Above ground pools are usually sold as a kit. These kits include a wall, bottom, top ledge, posts, liner, filter, pump, and ladder to get into the pool.

Some stores include a general maintenance package of equipment that will help you get started as you learn about pool maintenance. When you are comparing different above ground pool kits at different stores make sure they each include a similar amount of items offered in the kit.

There are lots of items you can purchase later on for you above ground pool such as an automatic or robotic pool cleaner. These are not necessary to buy right away.

Consult a local above ground pool buying guide for your area for a specific price. Most pools start at $1,700 for an all-metal 18-inch pool. The price goes up from there.

Pools that feature metal posts are usually the more affordable option. Pools that are made of resin are typically the more expensive options. There are also hybrid pools priced in the middle.

Splish Splash in Your New Pool

There are many different above ground pool sizes, shapes, and depths that you can choose from. Choose an above ground pool that fits your needs as well as your budget and preference for swimming.

With the appropriate prep work and the use of a pool liner your above ground pool with last for many years. Now sit back and enjoy your new above ground pool all summer long.