The bathroom has grown from being just some part of the house that we go to bathe or ease ourselves to an integral part of the home.

Whether you’re going to have a bath or use the toilet, the bathroom has become synonymous with comfort and relaxation – almost as much as the room itself. So, it’s essential that you keep it looking and feeling more comfortable.

Of course, the comfort you feel is only a function of the tools you have at your disposal. With the development of technology and changes in taste, it’s important that we elevate our homes to make our lives much more comfortable.

So, if you’re looking to spruce your bathroom up a little bit, perhaps any of the following will present you a perfect place to start:

Embrace the smart bathroom

Embrace the smart bathroom

There’s been much talk about the prospect of smart toilets and how they could work, as well as what they could essentially mean. Things like automatic lid openers, seat warmers, and built-in deodorizers have been a trend for months now.

Well, that trend isn’t stopping in 2020, and you should get into this as well. Many believe that bathrooms will evolve in 2020, with smart showers and automatic sinks coming into play as well. So, why not evolve with the times?

It’s evident that technology can make things even better – even your time in the bathroom. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this potential and make your life easier.

Think of the awesome things that you could do with a smart bathroom. Instead of having to run your water when you get home, you’ll find that it’s already up and running for you. Simply go in and have a shower – that’ definitely going to make the trip home even more exciting.

Your lighting and temperature can also be set with voice activation, and you could get a smart mirror that you can talk with. The list is truly endless.

Thanks to technological advancements, bathrooms are now turning into live-in spas. Comfort is maximized, and your utility is optimized as well.

Get a bidet

There’s no doubt about it; if you don’t have a toilet bidet by now, you’re missing out on quite a lot of convenience.

With a toilet bidet, you don’t have to worry about wiping when you’re dong taking a #2. the bidet will clean your bottom for you, thus rendering the need for toilet paper – and, in some cases, a bowl of water – obsolete. The best bidets are highly effective and can work for years. So, check one out and get it in there.

Get more color in your bathroom

Get more color in your bathroom

Another bathroom upgrade that you should consider is making a change to the furnishings and materials. Your bathroom should be more than just a dark, gloomy place where you come to clean off and leave – if it should look more like an expression of yourself, and that means having an encouraging design that you will love.

You could try vintage sinks and toilets. Colors like brass and gold seem to be making a comeback recently, and you can give one of them a try. Whatever color you prefer, see if you can integrate it into the bathroom.

Industrial-style vanities and sinks

To start with, it’s worth pointing out that not everyone will love this trend. So, you can feel free to balk against it if you want. However, these bathroom components are making a comeback, and they’re worth paying attention to.

Industrial vanities come with wooden accents, funky patterns, and a wide array of options for metal finishes. If you’re going for a bathroom that has a sleek and a modern look, then you should pay attention to these for sure.

There’s also the fact that the sinks can be matched with different colors and fun patterns, depending on your taste. They’re an edge and classy remodeling trend that will add a bit of spunk to your bathroom. If you’ve got a smaller apartment and you want to make it look chic, then check out this idea.

For 2020, this is one bathroom trend you shouldn’t sleep on. Again, if you’re not much of a fan, that’s entirely fine.