Asking a reliable Brisbane pool builder about a swimming pool in preparation for the swimming season is a brilliant idea, especially if you’re tired of visiting public pools just for a quick dip. On a hot summer’s day, public pools will be crowded, and you won’t be able to enjoy your relaxation time. Having a private swimming pool in the comfort of your own home will help you relax even on stressful days, and you won’t have to worry about sharing it with strangers. A Brisbane pool builder can help you achieve this so you can take a plunge in your private pool in no time.

However, pools are not just a complementary feature of your home, it is a valuable investment. This is why you need great ideas for your pool designs to find the one that suits your taste.

Common Materials used by Pool Builders in Brisbane

Common Materials used by Pool Builders in Brisbane
Before you decide on the final design of your private pool, it is important to know the materials to be used in building it. There are four types of basic materials to choose from:


Shotcrete material is a combination of sand, concrete, and water, hence the name. With this material, the mixture is applied to the surface using a pneumatic applicator until the desired shape and width are achieved.


One of the most popular materials used for building pools is vinyl. It is a highly flexible material, so it is a great choice for people who wish to customize.


Concrete material lets you customize the form and the size of your private swimming pool. The design flexibility is up to par with vinyl. Since concrete is also found in shotcrete mixtures, it is widely known as gunite or shotcrete too.


The best thing about fiberglass materials is that they come in finished shapes. Brisbane pool builders suggest this material if the homeowner wants the pool to be finished as soon as possible. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes from the store.
Swimming Pool Designs Classified According to Function as Told by Pool Builders in Brisbane

Every family has different needs, and pools are usually built according to the members’ lifestyles. When it comes to function, swimming pools are classified into at least three types: entertainment, health spa, and lap.

Swimming pools that are built for entertainment purposes require a spacious landscape. This is because you need adequate space for pool playgrounds. The depth also varies between adult and kiddie pools. Because of this, you need to consider your budget and your landscape before having the pool constructed.

Health spas, on the other hand, do not need a lot of space. Often called swimming treadmills, they’re used if you want to exercise in just a small area. Health spas meant for achieving health benefits, so they’re designed for one single person use only.

Lap pools are long and slim because they are used for competitions and exercise. An Olympic-sized pool has to be 25 meters in dimension, but you can always have a smaller version.

Awesome Pool Ideas Brisbane Pool Builders Recommend

If you’ve decided what type of pool you want to get, it is time to choose a design that will suit your preferences. This can be tricky since there are so many gorgeous designs to select from. Here are some ideas that might help:

In-ground Pool Designs

There are many amazing ideas for swimming pools for a high-end residence. For example, you can have a pool with a beautiful gathering spot in the middle, which can be connected to the edge using natural flagstone stairs. You can decorate this spot with a round fire pit surrounded by a built-in sofa.

For American lodges with a huge yard, you can opt for a cut-stone path and decorations that perfectly blend in with the blue of the water and the plants in the yard. You can also plant some trees around the dock for a tropical feel.

Luxurious Spanish residences would also benefit from an in-ground pool built on the roof. Plus points in the rooftop overlooks a beautiful scenery for that serene atmosphere.
In-ground Pool Designs
If you want to step out of the box, try big natural rocks by the pool. This idea is consistent with the concept of cut-stone. You can have your wall covered by brick-style natural stone. To further enhance this ambiance, you can use French doors with gorgeous black trim, a ceramic tile roof, some tropical greenery, and beautiful lighting.

If you have a small yard, remember that the idea of an in-ground pool isn’t limited to a specific dimension. A smaller swimming pool would still look elegant in your backyard.

See-through houses are slowly becoming popular nowadays. This millennial design is related to minimalism and elegance. If you have a similar design for your home, you might want a pool with a simple rectangular design with ceramic tiles on the border. This is a very simple but very functional style that may suit your taste.

For a modern feel, you might want to consider an in-and-above ground pool that looks like it came out of a magazine. These are the pools that look like aquariums due to the clear glass surface area. The pool might look too shallow for adults, but in reality, the depth can be just enough for an adult to dive in.

If you’re looking for a simpler design, you might prefer a simple rectangular pool by your deck. This would look stunning when matched with timber flooring for a contemporary design.

You can also opt for a little pool in your backyard if you don’t have a lot of space. Some homeowners request an expert Brisbane pool builder for a smaller pool, which can be bordered with ceramic tiles, complete with lawn chairs in a corner.

A swimming pool right in the comfort of your own backyard is an investment that’s worth all the money and the effort, especially since it means more quality time with your family minus all the hassle of public pools. Ask your Brisbane pool builder now to get more ideas for your private pool!