When building a home, you will want it secured. Also, every person will want their family to stay protected at all times. One way of protecting your family and ensuring everything is safe is by having a strong door for your house. While every door and locks maker advertises to sell the most robust doors and locks, only a few companies mean their word. Crimsafe security doors are some of the most vital doors that will uplift your investment and protect your family. The doors are available in different colors and styles, which suit different needs and preferences. Crimsafe made these doors with innovation and strength in mind. Here are some benefits you will get when you install these onsite security doors.

Enhanced Security

One primary function of having a door in your house or any other place is beefing up security. You don’t want anyone to get in or out of the house without permission. While many doors can provide security, for example the Crimsafe Security Doors offer enhanced security to keep off even the most sophisticated break-ins. These doors also keep off insects and bugs and will not allow anyone in, regardless of the pressure. The company making these doors put its time and resources to come up with a door that fits every security standard.

Provides improved ventilation

You don’t have to suffocate anymore in your house by having old-fashioned doors. With Crimsafe doors, you are assured of improved ventilation. Other than opening up easily to enable fresh air getting in your house, these doors provide an anesthetic look making your house look more appealing than ever. They are the best doors to install in your house if planning to sell your house. These doors not only will help you in attracting the buyers, but they will also help it have a better value, thus earning more from its sale.

Burglars can’t kick-break the doors

Many burglars have the habit of kicking the doors open to steal items in your house. This situation occurs when you are not available. With Crimsafe security screens, this situation is handled appropriately. The doors have screw-clamped wire mesh placed between two aluminum pieces, which enable the wire to stay tight even after several kicks on it. The aluminum comes in two parts. One part is a strip having a hook, while the other is the frame where the hook gets into. These two pieces, together with the reinforced wire mesh, get screwed together with tamper-resistant screws. There are also rubber bands that eliminate electrolysis; thus, no corrosion takes place. With all these reinforcements, the door will not cave in even under maximum pressure. The whole process is unique and patented, ensuring there are no imitations. 


Most metallic and wire meshed doors do rust when exposed to water or worst weather conditions, but not Crimsafe doors. Why not them? The wire mesh screens got salt-sprayed and put on adverse weather conditions for over 3000 hours. The result that came out was terrific. The doors didn’t go about corrosion, blistering, or any other defect. While many companies paint their doors to increase anesthetic value, the Crimsafe Company does a unique powder coating process that will go for several years without peeling out. This power is applied electrostatically, and then the doors get cured in ovens to ensure the whole coating lasts for a long time. This procedure makes the end product to be longer lasting than conventional painting.

Provides quick exist in a case of emergency

We all encounter emergencies in our homes or workplaces. It can be a fire outbreak, floods, or other situations. Unlike other doors, Crimsafe doors are built to handle emergencies. The doors have an easy-to-use keyless escape system that allows anyone inside to get out effortlessly in any emergency. All the door functions are made such that anyone can rush out quickly without compromising the house’s security. What happens to the kids when stuck? The door is straightforward to operate. Children can easily open it with simple instructions.

The door is long-lasting

Many people end up changing their house doors once in a while. It can be the doors got broken or got damaged due to corrosion and ineffective parts. With Crimsafe doors, you have over ten years warranty. The door will last that long before thinking of changing it. That means the company guarantees you peace of mind, and they will accommodate any damage that arises before then. This is a great deal for individuals making long-term investments and will not compromise their properties’ security.

They reduce energy costs and UV heating

Many homeowners are finding ways of reducing energy consumption in their homes. One of the ways is installing the Crimsafe security panels. Why these doors? According to research done, these doors will reduce at least 53% of the UV heat, making your home energy efficient. The wire mesh used to manufacture these doors will protect your home or commercial building against excessive heat or cold and ensure the inside temperatures are maintained continuously. The wire mesh is over 26% thicker than the ordinary wire used to manufacture ordinary doors.

It prevents the spread of fire

Is your home located in the countryside or areas vulnerable to bush and other fires? In most cases, embers that burn houses get through windows and doors. Crimsafe doors and windows play an essential role in preventing the fire from getting into the house. The wire mesh in the doors and windows will prevent any ember from reaching inside your house, thus containing the fire outside your house. Most houses and commercial centers in fire-prone areas have used these doors to reduce the fire risk. Besides this, the wire mesh screens also keep off at least 59% of the radiant heat from the house.

Other benefits of these security doors include increased space and comfort, better looks, tamper-resistant screws, and other benefits. It’s recommended to get the right professional company with competent staff in fixing the doors in your home to enjoy the highlighted benefits.