Modern sliding sash windows are not only a great upgrade over timber sash windows but have a range of benefits that may be an upgrade over your households current windows. There are benefits ranging all the way from a reduction in maintenance required to high rated energy efficiency.


uPVC, or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, are a type of windows that are often used on most modern windows as they are very durable and offer excellent performance due to their makeup and low cost.


Timber windows are often quoted as a ‘timeless style’ due to being used throughout history in the design of homes and their windows. Many people still choose timber windows for this reason.

uPVC vs Timber

For years now there has been a debate over uPVC and timber windows and which ones are better for your home. There are a range of pros and cons for both of these windows.



  • Price – uPVC windows can often be bought at a fraction of the cost of timber windows
  • Security – With uPVC windows often having a steel frame it is very hard for these windows to be broken into. There are also a range of security features that can be added onto these windows.
  • Modern look – With many people wanting a more modern look to keep up with the times uPVC can give you that modern look.


  • Discolour – Over a long period of time uPVC windows can face discolour due to being exposed to the sun.
  • Harmful to the environment – When you eventually have to replace your uPVC windows they have to be melted down as plastic which unfortunately releases toxins into the atmosphere.



  • Lifespan – Timber windows have been shown to last up to 60 years when given the proper maintenance and care.
  • Environmentally friendly – With wood being a natural material timber windows have less of an impact on the environment than their uPVC plastic counterparts.
  • Traditional look – timber windows have a traditional look that can look great and may be needed in conservation areas or on listed buildings.


  • Price – Timber windows can cost a great deal more than uPVC in most cases so are not the best for renovation on a budget.
  • Decay – When not properly maintained timber windows can be subject to rot and decay from the weather and potential infestations from insects.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of modern sliding sash windows can be a huge appeal for many people, especially if you’re looking to upgrade over older single glazing sliding sash windows. Modern sliding sash windows are often rated ‘A’ in energy efficiency, meaning they offer thermal insulation, keeping you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This in turn means you use up less energy in your home both heating and cooling your house, which could see quite a saving on your energy bills overall at the end of the year. When you compare this to traditional sash windows that were usually single glazing you’ll see a huge improvement in both the temperature and energy efficiency of your home.


Security is a top priority of any homeowner, being able to know that your home is protected the best it can be is the piece of mind you need. With modern sliding sash windows there are a range of security features that can be added to them to make sure your home is protected the best it can be. These security features can include laminated or toughened glass, Georgian bars, security restrictors and many more features. Not to mention the added steel frame on uPVC windows that make it even harder to break those windows.

Reduction in maintenance

While maintaining windows may seem like a difficult task with modern sliding sash windows, maintenance is easy. With uPVC sash windows all you need to do is remove any build up of dirt around your windows with a cloth or hoover and then gently wipe over the window frames with a damp cloth and warm soapy water to remove any grime buildup and that way your uPVC window will remain clean and maintained for a lifetime.

When you compare this to timber windows it is an overall improvement as it takes half as much effort to maintain your uPVC windows.


Versatility can often be an issue when it comes to redesigning your home in that perfect idea you’ve got in your head however when it comes to modern sliding sash windows, they are extremely versatile. As with your security options there are a range of different colours and finishes that can be added to your windows to add some flare to your home. There are also a range of colours available for your sash windows such as special light oak, cream foil and chartwell green. Each of which will add a different touch to your home and make it look even more individual than your neighbours.

Overall modern sliding sash windows and their benefits are an overall improvement on traditional sliding sash windows. As discussed above there are pros and cons to both timber and uPVC windows and it’s down to your individual requirements and what you’re looking for in your new windows.