What makes a great budget computer chair for longer working hours? Comfort. And to get your sweet spot of comfort, a computer chair must offer you decent adjustment options. But sometimes, a cheap office chair might offer less. Get yourself the Best Chairs for Computers.

That’s why we are here. Having a 200 dollar budget does not mean that you have to do away with something less than comfortable. These computer chairs for under 200 dollars will make it comfortable for you to work longer.

HBADA Reclining office chair ($178.99)- best adjustable

For a chair of its price range, it has a number of adjustable features. And the more options there are, the more likely you will be able to find your sweet spot of comfort. It has adjustable lumbar support. And though you can only adjust the height of the lumbar, the S curved backrest also amps up the comfort of your back. It also has an adjustable headrest where you can tilt back and relax to take a breather. 

The synchro tilt function is something that you can also see in more expensive chairs. Even the Aeron uses one in their chair ( along with another type of tilt function). And to see this in an affordable chair is such a treat. 

You can recline the backseat while keeping your feet still flat on the floor. And to make the synchro-tilt mechanism more comfortable for your thighs, this is coupled with a waterfall edge design at the front seat.

Couple the headrest and the recline function with the built-in footrest and you will find this office chair very comfortable. The mesh material is also decently strong, but not too rough or scratchy on the back. It can make you cooler for an 8-hour desk job. 

When an office chair features a synchro-tilt function, it should also have a waterfall edge design at the front seat. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable because your thighs can be pressed too much against the seat.

In terms of construction, it is decently stable for its price. Though we recommend this chair for those who are petite to the average-sized user. Those who stand less than 5’10” will have better use of this office chair.

Overall, this office chair is really comfortable and has a good range of adjustment options. Our only concern is that the back has a bit of wobble when you recline. So we are not sure how long it will be able to hold. 

Tribesigns high back mesh chair ($189.99)- Best recline

This Tribesigns high back mesh seat looks posh and sleek. We love how it looks from the side view. You would not be able to tell instantly that this is a budget office chair. 

It features a wider and higher backrest with an S-Shaped curve. And when coupled with the adjustable lumbar support, this can lend nice support for your back. The chair is meant to put you in an upright position. 

This office chair can also recline further back than we were expecting. And it was able to hold the position well. There wasn’t an inch of wobble or shaking. So we were pretty surprised by it. The recline goes all the way up to 135 degrees, so this might give one of the best recline functions for an affordable office chair.

The other adjustable parts are average. The headrest is light and easy to move but it’s not flimsy. And it has decent height range adjustment for taller persons. 

We have some gripes though. While the mesh backrest is quite comfortable, we find the seat is one of the more uncomfortable ones on this list. It has very thin padding that easily gets deformed. So even if the chair can accommodate those who are a bit bulky, the cushion will not. It will flatten out after just a few uses. And it’s quite painful on the butt if it will bear too much weight.

Overall, this is a nice-looking high-back mesh chair with great lumbar support. It‘s also suitable for those who are looking to recline their office chair further back. But we do not recommend it for heavier folks because the foam padding on the seat will not be able to accommodate the heavier weight. 

Dave Jones ergonomic office chair ($189.99)- best headrest

The Dave Jones office chair has the best and most comfortable headrest on our list. It is very supportive and doesn’t sway easily. So it can lend a relaxing breather from a hard day’s work.  

We were also pretty happy with how the other adjustable parts performed. The seat height has a pretty good range, the tilt is satisfactory, and it can swivel 360 degrees.

One of the gripes however is that we were expecting a squishy seat comfort because it was advertised to have a cushiony memory foam seat. The seat is uncomfortable at all, it’s just that we were expecting a memory foam feel and we were not able to experience that. It’s more like a regular foam but it does feel decently okay. 

According to the advertisement, what sets this high back chair apart is that it can accommodate a wide range of users. It can seat those who stand from 5 feet to 6”7’’.So both petite and taller users will have no problems finding their sweet spot of comfort.

But taller users might have some trouble with the headrest. It might not be able to go high enough for them. But as for the other parts of the chair, it can comfortably sit a tall person. So we do not recommend it for those who are taller than6’2”. If the headrest won’t be able to go high enough for you, it will not be comfortable.

Maybe the brand can just go easy on the marketing fluff or prop the seat with actual memory foam. And oh, the aesthetic is also eye candy. It looks modern and chic. 

Best Office Store ($190) – Best big and tall chair

While we have options above that can seat the taller user, this is the best for those who are both big and tall. 

This is a PU leather office chair with a cushion. Though the brand claims that it is cushy, it’s not. So do not expect plush comfort. But what you can expect is pretty comfortable firm support. Just make sure to use it in an airconditioned room because it can get hot once the temperature rises.

What also sets this office chair apart is that it has a massage feature on the lumbar part of the chair. You can access it via USB and this can be a nice breather to take the pressure off of your lower back. We did love how relaxing it felt.

The backrest is high and big enough for the bulky folks. So they can sit back, relax and have their entire head, neck, and back fully supported. The built and quality of the chair is not flimsy for its price. We reckon it will still be able to hold up for a couple of years. So yes, you can still get your money’s worth with this affordable chair.

For the gripes, however, be prepared for a very nightmarish setup. It is rather challenging to put the chia together. The holes are not aligned and the instructions weren’t clear. We had to spend the most hours setting it up compared to the other chair on our list. So be prepared for that. 

And also, the PU leather material can scratch easily. This might not be a good choice if you have pets, especially a cat.

Modway EEI-757 ($171.50)- Best Durable

It looks like a basic mesh chair, but this Modway office chair is pretty impressive. It has a higher weight capacity at 300 lbs. And it does feel substantially stable and decent. It feels more expensive than its cost. And once we sat on the chair, we really knew that it could be this solid.

So this has a lot going for it. Also, you’ll find several adjustable features. The lumbar support is impeccable. It feels great on the back and you will be able to last longer on the chair. 

And the setup is one of the easiest. It will only take you roughly 10 minutes to set this chair up.

We love the padding of the seat. It’s 6 inches thick and covered with a mesh material. Though the seat is padded, you can still find this chair cool and breathable because of the mesh back. So this can still be an option for the hot weather.

Our gripes, however, are that the armrests are something that we wished were different. It has this sort of an odd curved shape that does not really do any good for the arms. Thus, the best solution is to use arm pads should you decide to buy this chair. 

Overall, this is one comfortable mesh back chair with a bit of thick cushion. It has the most comfortable seat on our list. It might not feel dreamy, but it will be cushy. This is a great option for those who want to have their butt cradled. And since it has a mesh back, it will not get too hot. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Final Say

If you still need to get a computer chair that is comfortable enough for long hours with more than your 200 dollar budget, try google and find more. There’s no need to settle with anything less than comfortable.