Did you ever think about what cutting board is the best for your kitchen? How to keep your knives razor-sharp, and organize a daily cooking mess? What is it made of, how to properly maintain it to keep its look just good as new? If you did, this is just the right article for your attention.

Today we will review the bamboo cutting board 18 x 12 inches from Royal Craft Wood (https://royalcraftwood.com/products/bamboo-cutting-board-xl-18×12)


  • Just a breeze to slice and chop anything you need
  • Works as a serving platter for your dinner or tasting
  • Made of eco-friendly premium bamboo wood and safe for your family
  • Stress-free cleaning


  • NOT Dishwasher safe
  • Hard to store (But don’t worry, they have a special cutting board organizer if you need one)

This cutting board is just a perfect match for your cooking needs. The board’s surface has a pleasant touch, is made of premium quality eco-friendly bamboo,  and has several features you would fall in love with it for. 

Let’s make it clear:

  • This cutting board has built-in deep juice grooves to keep your cooking clutter-free
  • Side handles lets you easily carry the board around and even use it as a serving platter for your tastings and holiday dinners
  • Sustainable material providing extra features you would appreciate:
    – Bamboo is 100% non-toxic and safe for your daily use
    – Bamboo surface helps your knives stay razor-sharp
    – Bamboo chemical structure is antibacterial, preventing the cutting board and food from a nasty smell and taste.
  • Reversible design. Remember about side handles? Use them with another side of your board to display your thanksgiving turkey with pride.

A high level of cooking organization, well-engineered structure, and brick-hard durability makes this bamboo cutting board our beloved one among the others. But how to maintain it with proper care? How long does it take and is it hard to do?

Well, even knowing that bamboo cutting boards are not dishwasher safe, as using a dishwasher for a cutting board cleaning will provide cracks and mold in result – we have to say that cleaning of this cutting board does not take too much time. 

Just wash it with soap under tap water for about a minute or two and let it dry. Practically it’s just a breeze to clean.


Now we know how to keep it clean, but how do we keep this cutting board as good as new for years? We don’t want it to lose its luxury look in a year. Oh no we don’t.
To keep your cutting board looking brand new – used organic cutting board oils, we have tested the one from Royal Craft Wood in about a month of active cooking with a cutting board and would like to say: This absolutely awesome. After a proper oil, you can actually see the changes in the cutting bord’s look, the color becomes more saturated and looks even better than the original one.