You got to have some time out of your busy lives to have some fun. This will provide that much-needed stress-free time to recreate and live your life a little. As well all know life is a lot more than a 9 to 5. You should spend some time with your friends and family to make memories. These memorable times go a long way and towards a certain point in your life, these are the moments that will bring a smile to your face. So value them and never decide to opt out of them.

Now, there are many ways people do to have some fun. Some might go for movies, others would choose places like to have fun taking pictures. However, there is a fun activity that people do nowadays. This activity is known as escape room. You can play real escape game in Los Angeles and have a great time. You can visit sites like and choose your favourite escape rooms. Nonetheless, if you’re not too eager to jump directly to the side, we are here to help you. In this article, we will take you through some of the best escape rooms that you can visit.

3 Best Escape Rooms That you Must Visit

1) Area 51

One of the famous escape rooms is Area 51. This room is rumoured to have dangerous experiments and disturbing creatures living inside. But you’d never know until and unless you visit it. Now, You have entered the fabled Area 51, where there have long been stories of prisoner aliens.

Nevertheless, once you’re inside, something seems to have gone terribly wrong. The group of scientists who were employed here have vanished. Now it’s up to you to unravel the mysteries concealed deep under Area 51. Secrets are being withheld from the general public here. Do you have the guts to look for the truth?

2) Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, being the great intellect that he is, the genius, had previously predicted a future incident that would happen to him. He foresaw that he would someday become poisoned and promptly devised a plan of escape for himself, producing a covert elixir that would rid him of his poison. Without some element of mystery, however, Sherlock Holmes would not really exist.

He concealed the recipe for the elixir and kept its ingredients a secret from everyone else nearby in his head. He ended up being poisoned and is currently in a coma since his predictions came true. Sherlock requires you to enter into a secret room, though, to obtain the elixir that would rid him of his poison.

3) Lord of the Swords

The Lord of the Swords Escape Room in Tarzana is a great option for beginners because it can help you grasp the fundamentals of how escape rooms operate. It has a medium level of difficulty. Although this room is intended to be of medium difficulty, many seasoned players may still find it difficult.

You will become a Mazebits in the Lord of the Sword escape room, whose mission is to locate a powerful sword and dispel the darkness that permeates the entire realm. The King of the Swords escape room is extremely technologically advanced inside, which will assist you in experiencing true magic there as you search for the magnificent sword.