Every space needs something special to make it come to life. This is particularly true of smaller spaces. Well decorated spaces can make any room feel comfortable and truly, totally inviting. At Logan QCoast Homes Builders we understand the need to make sure that all your spaces are well designed. These simple, easy tips make that possible.

Appropriate Scale

Scale is an important element in any room. The same is true of smaller rooms. You’ll want to bring in items that are thoughtful and work well with the room’s contours. Look for loveseats rather than full sofas and smaller but still functional tables.
Appropriate Scale

Beautiful Windows

Light is crucial in any room. This is doubly so of less spacious rooms. A room should have the right windows to bring in light and make the room more appealing. Windows that can be opened with ease allows the user to control the exact amount of light in any space.

Expert Furniture Placement

The art of furniture placement can make sure you’re using all areas of the room. Think about the flow in the room and how you use it. Careful furniture placement can make it easy to get around any room no matter how small and allow it to be used easily.

Great Fabric Choices

Fabric needs careful consideration when planning any room. Light and airy fabrics like cotton and linen and set the stage and make the room feel more open. Think about changing out the fabric for each season. Bringing in velvets and other lush fabric to add a cozy note during the cooler months.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors add sparkle and make any room look larger. Use them in smaller rooms to help increase the feeling of space. A large mirror in one corner reflects light into the rest of the room. Smaller mirrors can be scattered along the walls to help the room feel more spacious. Mirrors can be framed or left to stand on their own for an even more striking look.
Mirror Magic

Outdoor Space Access

Outdoor space access is another way to increase the room’s space. Consider adding a terrace next to the room. You’ll gain space to have a delightfully leisurely lunch and admire the change of seasons. Bring in greenery like potted plants for additional color and light that can also help shield the room from excess rain.

Reaching Upwards

When decorating a room with less space, think vertically. The upper walls can serve as additional space. Put in a skylight to help expand the upper space even further. Consider hanging pictures on the upper parts of the walls. This will bring the eye upwards and create places for people to appreciate when sitting.

Thoughtful Storage

Storage is a must for any space. This is particularly true for smaller spaces. Built-in shelving is one way to use the space more efficiently. A designer and builder can add in the storage you want when creating a new home. They can also help you redo an existing home and add more space in every room. A window seat filled with inviting cushions offers a great place to sit and relax underneath curtains while also enjoying a nice book on a weekend.

Using Texture

Using Texture
Texture invites touch. If you are decorating a small space, you’ll want to use lots of textural element in your design plan. Put a thick, hand woven rug in front of the room’s fireplace or next to seating. Place wall hangings made from fabric in many colors. Scatter a series of pillows with covers that feel good underneath your fingers across the room. The room will benefit from your use of such details and come to life for your guests.

Unexpected Details

All rooms need to have something people are not expecting when they walk in. A smaller room benefits from new thinking. Add an interesting personal piece of art across one room. Paint one wall a different, much darker colors than the other walls in the home. It’s all possible with a little bit of imagination and lots of attention to every single detail.