Our home is our sanctum that requires attention. It is important to follow a theme when it comes to the interior décor. Whether your home has a vintage, contemporary or simplistic approach, it is crucial to ensure that all the elements in the house are in harmony. If any item or furniture does not blend in with the rest of the décor, the overall appeal diminishes drastically. In many cases, the colour of the wall does not match the furniture in the room and the cohesive look of the house gets undermined. Such mistakes hugely affect the aesthetical appeal of the interiors.

To ensure that the walls are in sync with all the furniture, one can depend on intuitions and logical patterns. Choosing the elements of your house randomly is a bad idea. So, here are a few tips to create overwhelming interiors and elevate the look of the house:

Colour of the wall

Colour of the wall
To ensure that the furniture and wall colour are in sync, start with the walls. In case it is a big and airy room, choose a bold colour like dark green, maroon, or something similar. Match the bold coloured wall with light-coloured plywood furniture. Plywood manufacturers in Pune and other cities manufacture plywood of various colours to meet the needs of their customers. The light and dark combination will appear very contrasting and appealing.

Also, the furniture may have dark upholsteries but should have light wooden trimmings. If sufficient natural light does not enter the room, sticking to neutral colours such as white, beige or any lighter hue is apt. Along with it, dark-coloured plywood furniture appears contrasting.

Match the colour of the wall and furniture

Choosing a similar hue for both wall and furniture looks amazing. It adds a cohesive thematic look to the room. Besides the contrasting look, this is commonly used in many houses. For instance, if your furniture has dark coloured upholstery, say blue, choose a light-blue shade for the walls. This will make every aspect present inside look in harmony.

However, it is essential to not use the exact same shade on the walls. The difference keeps away the monotonous look. Also, while buying plywood, only trust renowned brands like Archidply that deal in high pressure laminates as well.

Use background colours that will enhance the plywood beauty

Use background colours that will enhance the plywood beauty
Instead of using matching colours, creating a background that enhances the beauty of the plywood is a great idea as well. Painting the walls with a colour that will make the furniture stand out is one of the best approaches. For instance, one can paint the kitchen walls white and pair light-coloured cabinets with them and make it attention worthy. Choosing two different light shades creates a contrasting but not too overwhelming look.

Juxtaposing different materials

Putting different materials together in the same room can add a very interesting look to it. When two different coloured furniture pieces are put together in the same room, it can give the room a stylish yet sophisticated look. The background colour also plays a crucial role in enhancing the appeal. Choose a light hue for the wall so that it does not undermine the colour of any furniture. The variety will add a quirky look to the room and make it more vibrant.