The outdoor space in your home can be the absolute best space for enjoying life with your friends and family. Whether you have a big garden with a lawn and flower beds or a stylish deck with a barbecue grill and quality wooden furniture, the right lighting setup is vital. By choosing and installing the right lights, you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a glass of wine with your friends or for accentuating the key elements of your garden. Choosing outdoor lighting can be quite tricky as there are so many different types and features to consider.

To help everyone who is trying to find the best outdoor lighting for their outdoor space, here is what to look for.

1. Power Considerations

Whether you are setting up security lighting to keep your home safe, or you are landscaping your garden with beautiful lanterns, there are various different options when it comes to what kind of power your outdoor lighting will use. 

Solar-Powered Lights

Solar-powered outdoor lighting absorbs the free energy of the sun and stores it throughout the day to use at nighttime. While solar-powered lights tend to cost more initially both in purchase price and setup, the ultimate savings you will make on your electricity bill will easily cover this initial outlay. Make sure that you install the solar panels for the lights in a spot in your garden or outdoor space that receives enough sunlight throughout the day.

Plug-In Lights

In contrast to solar-powered lights which can be placed anywhere in your outdoor space, plug-in lights are limited as they will need to be able to reach a mains power socket or an extension cable. Not only is this usually impractical as you will have exposed cords that need securing, but it is also not very attractive, so plug-in lights are not a very popular option.

Hard-Wired Lights

One popular lighting solution, especially for security lights on the external walls of a house or other building, is hard-wired lights. Unlike plug-in lights, these connect directly to your mains power without needing to be plugged into a socket. Installation is usually relatively simple but you can hire an electrician to do it if you are unsure of what to do.

2. Landscape Lighting Ideas

Adding landscape lighting to your outside space can greatly enhance the look of both your garden and your home. With so many different types of outdoor light fittings, finding the perfect lights for your landscaping plans is easy. Festoon lights are great for every space as they can be hung from trees, awnings, or directly on the house. Make sure that your outdoor festoon lights are waterproof so there won’t be any power issues. Path lights provide functional illumination for your paths to make it safe and easy to walk in your house at night. Path lights look very scenic and romantic and are perfect for lighting up an evening stroll with your partner.

3. Security Lighting

Security lights have large, bright beams and are specially designed to light up whole spaces like a garden or driveway. They are used to stop burglars or other criminals or trespassers from entering your property. They are very useful both as a crime prevention measure but also for giving you more peace of mind when you are in your home at night. Security lights usually work with motion sensors so they only come on if something or someone enters their field of range. 

There are various types of security lights but dusk-to-dawn lights are very useful because they turn off and on with sunrise and sunset. This ensures that your home stays well protected at night but that you don’t waste money on the lighting during the day when it isn’t needed. Security lights can also reduce the cost of your home insurance because they are so effective at preventing burglaries, car thefts, and other crimes.

4. Light Pollution

Another factor you are going to need to look at is how much light pollution is created by your setup. This may be an issue for several reasons such as annoying your neighbors or even getting in trouble with your local authorities. Some areas have strict pollution limits, and if the light emitted by your setup is too bright, you could be fined or forced to take the lighting down. 

A great lighting setup can help to make your garden look beautiful, improve your security, and add the perfect finishing touches to an outside deck or patio. It is important to choose lights that work well in your space and provide the right look and levels of illumination. Make sure you take power, performance, and pollution into account and you will have the perfect outdoor lighting for whatever space you have.