A pressure washer is a machine that spouts water at a high pressure to clean most surfaces from soft to hard. These can be easily regulated, but as they use pressure to function, if too much pressure is used, it could indeed be dangerous for your surfaces, yourself and even those around you.

Let us give you some tips to keep yourself safe from any possible danger a pressure washer could pose to you, your home and your family:

Operate It At A Safe Distance!This may sound obvious, but you need to keep your distance when cleaning. If the nozzle of your pressure washer is too close to what you are cleaning it can cause damage, such as stripping the paint off your home, breaking or cracking a window if the pressure is too high and close, or even breaking asphalt if it is loose!

Choose The Right Spray Pattern For The Right Job

Choose The Right Spray Pattern For The Right Job
Depending on what spray pattern you are using on your pressure washer, it can cause different results on what you are cleaning. For example, a flat fan pattern will be better for cleaning concrete, a loose stream pattern is better for cleaning your roof tiles, and a pinpoint jet pattern works better for hard to reach areas such as corners and gaps.

No matter the pattern being used, you always need to be careful. For example, using a pinpoint pattern can easily shatter a window with enough pressure. Though of course, if too much pressure is being exerted even with a loose stream it can break, but the pressure needed would be higher.

Know Your Pressure Washer

Depending on the pressure washer you are using, the amount of pressure (PSI) it can use it can be dangerous if you don’t know how much pressure you are using and how much your pressure washer is capable of.

Usually, an electric pressure washer can only operate at half the pressure level than those that run with gasoline, which means you need to be more careful with a gas-powered pressure washer than one that is powered by electricity.

There are also other pressure washers that can regulate the temperature of the water being spouted, these are known as power washers. These can come with heaters that can increase the temperature of the water to make it easier to remove certain substances from the surface, such as grease and oil, much faster than one that only shoots water at room temperature.

If your pressure washer can shoot hot water, you need to extra careful when using it because the water it spouts can be piping hot, and even the vapor it releases can cause some light burns. Even the machine itself can heat enough to end up injuring your hands.

Always Wear Your Safety Gear When Using A Pressure Washer

Always Wear Your Safety Gear When Using A Pressure Washer
When you are power washing, some objects could fly off such as stones, loose paint, broken asphalt or window shards, which could fly towards you or to other people around you. It is always better to know what equipment to use in order to be prepared in case of an accident.

Always be ready for anything, even in the unwanted event of one of your windows breaking, it does not mean it will happen; it is just to avoid danger in case it does.

When you are working with machinery, it is always recommended to use work gloves to keep your hands safe, safety glasses in case objects should fly towards you, a good pair of boots for your footing, a thick pair of pants, and a long-sleeved shirt.

The more secure you feel when working, the better you will work. Knowing you are safe and not having to worry about the dangers around you will help you focus better in your work, so at all times we recommend wearing at least some basic protection gear. If cleaning seems hectic task then you can hire professional pressure cleaning company who will solve your cleaning problems in budget.

In Conclusion

Pressure washers are a fabulous tool, but a tool that needs to be used with care. There are many types of pressure washers ranging from electric, gasoline to even those with heaters, so you need to know what you are buying and also how to use them properly.

As long as you keep safety in mind, you should be fine. Pressure washers are as easy to use, like a lawnmower, you just need to regulate the pressure and off you go.

Regardless, it is always a good idea to wear safety gear, know what pattern to use, and always operate it at a safe and effective distance.