No bed would be comfortable in the absence of a comfortable mattress. But, it’s quite expensive to be buying mattresses from stores or even online. You may not be aware that actually you can make a mattress of your own by choosing the three components essentially needed for making a mattress. Mattress manufacturers keep telling us of the materials that go to make their goods so good. You need not buy the whole item as one product and yet have a comfortable mattress. That way you save a lot of money and get an item as per your requirements.

Here are the components that go to make a bed and you can buy or make them separately:

The Core

This is what defines the type of mattress and you can choose from six types of mattresses. We have the traditional innerspring mattress, followed by latex foam mattress, which comes in three different varieties, which are organic, synthetic, and then we have latex mattress, which is closest to organic mattresses. Then, we have the memory foam mattress and of course the water bed and airbed mattress. Each variety has its own specific features and the associated advantages and comfort level that it provides. So, you can opt to have one as per your preferences and carry certain improvements on the same to have a very comfortable bed without incurring a heavy expense. This is how you should proceed:

  • Have a look at the available cores of mattresses. You can do that by spending sometime on the net and also by visiting some of the stores like Sears or going to directly and decide which will be the most comfortable for you. Here are a few tips that you’ll find helpful.
  • For less than $300 you can have the memory foam. You can get even queen size beds for prices lower than that. If you feel comfortable with the firmness that latex offers, you should try one of these.
  • I continue to say that Zinus mattresses are very affordable. Zinus is not only highly affordable but very comfortable too. You may buy the best brand of Zinus mattress and need not add anything else on its top to sleep very comfortably.

The CoreSource:

Well, the mattresses made from natural rubber extracted from trees are no doubt quite expensive but there are many mattresses available in cheaper organic materials and you will find a large variety of these for less than $200, or just a little more than a hundred dollars. These days you get organic mattresses made from wool, cotton and coconut husk. It will be worth trying these and check the comfort level they can offer before you buy any of these.

The innerspring memory foams too are very pricey, especially if you buy one of the better brands. Therefore recommending any brand will defeat the very purpose of having an economical product. Yet, if you insist on having one, a good item should cost you around four hundred dollars.

The foundation (Box Springs)

Box springs in Europe are treated not as a necessity but as a luxurious item. You’ll find people using such mattress directly on the floor and they find it comfortable, but in the U.S. it’s customary to have beds on top of the box springs. The manufacturers of such mattresses claim many advantages of such beds and make more profit, but ultimately the only useful purpose it serves is to raise the level of the mattress above the floor. You can achieve the same purpose in a very simple and affordable way and the best one is to procure one of those easy to install box springs and do the installation of your own. You may buy one of these from a store near your place or order one online and that shouldn’t cost you more than $150, inclusive of shipping expense. You may be able to get it even at a lower price if you happen to know the owner of any shops selling these.

Mattress topper

Mattress topper
Now, this is one part of the mattress which allows you to have some self indulgence. Suppose you spent $150 each, on the box spring and the mattress core, bringing the total to $300, though you could economize on that figure, depending on the quality of the materials you decide to buy. You could perhaps have both the items for about $200! However, if you are not very happy with the comfort level your arrangement provides, you could always add a mattress topper on top of your arrangement. There is a very large variety of mattress toppers available in the market these days. You get these in a memory foam mattress, low-priced natural latex as also innerspring mattresses topper. You may derive the health and comfort benefits of such items at almost half the price. You won’t be able to buy a reputed brand of queen-sized full memory foam mattress for anything less than a $1000, but you can make your own comfortable orthopedic bed for less than $800.

You may argue and say that there is an element of risk involved here, but you are always taking a chance while investing your money in any cheap mattress. If you don’t agree to that, spare some time to be on the net to go through the reviews on different brands and kinds of mattresses by independent consumers, and you’ll realize even the most reputed brands are not free from faults all the time. You may commit the mistake of spending more than $3000 on buying a known brand and perhaps end up spending another $1000 in correcting the mistake! So, despite that element of risk involved, let’s not overlook the fact that you’ll be taking an affordable risk?