Many are talking about bringing some welcoming changes to the exterior of their home to make it a brand-new look. While thinking of this, one of the best makeovers to consider is Hampton’s style. No doubt that Hampton’s is a classic style preferred by the celebrities for their holiday homes. The primary consideration to make when you plan for a facelift to the existing house with Hampton is the roof.

When someone is thinking of a renovation of their house with the resale value in mind, the best approach is to go with the most popular style. As per the keyword research studies, it is shown that more than about ten-thousand internet searches out there on search engines each month about “Hampton’s Style.” So, if you plan to invest on face-life of your home, Hampton is a sure bet in terms of returns. As the Hamptons style is now popular for many decades, you can be reassured about its acceptance at any point in future too.

Roofing for Hamptons style


We can say that the most critical aspect of the decision to uplift the face of your house is to focus on its head, which is the roof. If you already have some cladding to the exterior to try Hampton’s style, then you already may know about the use of shingles. Choosing the ideal shingles for the Hamptons finish to your roof is the first step.

You may get surprised by the comparison of Hampton’s style roof shingles vs. the colorbond in terms of pricing. Not only for roofing, but some additional shingles may also be required to do the sidings. Your roof contractor can give you many choices now in terms of shingles for colors, designs, styles, and cost. If you are planning for a renovation of the home, then you can feel free to do experimentations with nth degree alterations to get it done right.

There are two major types of shingles to choose when you look for the latest approaches in roofing shingles. Organic shingles and fiberglass shingles. Let’s discuss these in details.

Organic shingles

  • These are made with combining a natural fiber compound like recycled paper with asphalt through high-pressure compression to form sheets, i.e., shingles.
  • These shingles are easy to install than other shingle types.
  • They are strong, heavy, and durable.
  • Possess excellent heat, snow, and wind resistance.

However, with the introduction of fiberglass shingles, organic shingles are now losing the market.

Fiberglass shingles


  • Gaining largely in popularity.
  • It is made by coating asphalt over fiberglass mat.
  • Commendable resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Low possibility of peeling and less likely to lift or fly off.
  • High fire resistance.
  • Good solar reflectivity, which will help keep the home cooler during summer months.

Many of the homeowners who plan for Hampton’s style roof shingles now choose fiberglass shingles over organic shingles as there are more stylish compared to latter. Fiberglass shingles are also called as dimensional or architectural shingles.

While choosing shingles for your Hampton styling, you shouldn’t consider the price alone. Consider the factors like the life expectancy as well as the cost of future repair and replacement etc. too to make an appropriate choice.