We all have to keep our house clean, and we all do our best to stay as organized as possible, but what if you could learn a few housekeeping tips from people who clean premium hotel suites? If you have ever stayed at a high-end hotel, and possibly in a premium or executive room, you know how everything is always remarkably spotless, sparkling and well organized.

We talked to professional cleaners at Smart Cleaning Solutions and asked them how they managed to be so effective at making those rooms look that magnificent. They were nice enough to share some of their most commonly used cleaning tips, as well as the processes that they follow when cleaning hotel suites. The following tips were contributed by Smart Cleaning Solutions’ hotel cleaners:
professional cleaners

  1. You have to be systematic and professional in your approach, which means you are better off creating a cleaning plan before you even get started. Your cleaning plan should include a list of the cleaning products that you need, as well as the cleaning equipment and tools that are necessary for the process. Make sure that you have the right tools and products because the quality of your cleaning will be affected by the quality of the equipment you use.
  2. You should understand the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Cleaning is just removing the physical dirt from surfaces, and it improves the aesthetics of the room. Sanitizing is about killing off some of the germs and getting rid of most of the harmful material. Disinfecting is about getting rid of all harmful germs all together. You have to determine how dirty the room you are cleaning is at first, and then decide which of the three processes (or combination of processes) you want to use in your particular situation.
  3. Organize your cleaning tools and equipment in one place so that they are easily accessible. In hotels, cleaners have specialized janitorial carts where they arrange their cleaning tools and equipment.
  4. When cleaning rooms, you have to start with dumping out the trash and removing dirty items from the vicinity. That means that if you are cleaning a bedroom in your house, first empty your dustbin and remove the dirty linen from your bed. Clear the mess before you clean.
  5. When spreading the bed, remove all the bedding first then start spreading them one at a time (you won’t get the best results if you merely straighten things up while they are still on the bed). Place a fitting sheet over the mattress, add a flat sheet on top, then put the pillows in place before you neatly spread a blanket or duvet over the sheets. Depending on your preference, you can tuck in all the bedding at the same time either before or after you add the duvet or blanket.
  6. Avoid backtracking, especially when cleaning floors. It’s best to start at the back of the room or the furthest point away from the door and work your way to the front of the room. Otherwise you can mess up areas you have already cleaned.
  7. When dusting, remember to start at the top and work your way down. That is because dust particles fall downward, and you don’t want them settling in places that you have already cleaned. So, as you dust, start with areas that are close to the ceiling, then follow with the wall hangings (such as photos and pieces of art), clear surfaces such as tables and chairs, then finish off with cleaning the floor.
  8. When you clean the floor make sure that you pay attention to hidden places such as areas close to corners and the areas underneath pieces of furniture.
  9. We recommend that you disinfect bathrooms and toilets by using disinfecting cleaning materials, this will kill all the germs and stop smells. If you disinfect properly there is no need to use odorises, smells come from the build up of germs and grime, so go for a fresh clean smell by killing germs rather than a masking agent.

If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to keeping your home as clean and organized as the executive suites of high-end hotels.