Patio furniture can be as simple as a chair or as elaborate as a full set including an outside dining room set. Patio sets will usually include some form of seating, a table, and maybe even other accessories such as a coffee table or an umbrella. Once the main items have been purchased, all that’s left is to find a good cover for your new outdoor area. If you already own a patio set but it isn’t covered, then there are several steps that can be taken to provide weather protection for your investment.

Here are several ways to protect your outdoor living space from rain and snow using inexpensive patio coverings.

Shop at a Local Outdoor Furniture Store

 One obvious place to look for patio umbrellas and furniture covers is your local outdoor patio furniture store. Not only will you find the widest selection, but they’ll often have items on hand already so you can take them home right away. If possible, try to plan a trip during the off-season, as this will give you a much greater array of options from which to choose. You may even be able to purchase patio sets that are being closed out before moving into the next year’s inventory for deep discounts. Most stores offer patio set rental services as well if you’re not certain about making such an expensive investment without seeing it in person first.

DIY Patio Covers from Outdoor Fabric

If there isn’t a patio cover store nearby or you just want a better selection, a trip to the fabric store will provide plenty of options. Home improvement stores may also have patio coverings available for purchase. Once you get home with your patio covers, it’s fairly simple to construct them yourself. Fabric patio sets typically include a long piece of material that is draped over the top and around the back of each chair in order to protect against rain and snow. The only difficulty in using this method is cutting each patio set piece so they fit properly on each individual chair. After measuring out the required pieces, turn the fabric so it’s right side up with the underside facing up. Fold the bottom edge up one foot so when placed over the patio furniture, it will end up being six inches above ground level.

Patio umbrella covers

The patio table is usually the most difficult to cover because of its size and shape. Since patio table tops are usually circular or rectangular, you may need to order a custom patio table cover through your local patio furniture store or online patio accessory outlet in order to get one that fits properly. If possible, place your patio set on top of cardboard boxes before cutting out the covering pieces so they can be stored for future use after winter has passed. If you’d like an inexpensive option that provides decent protection against rain and snow, consider shower curtains with brightly colored patterns that will act as patio table covers.

If you’re willing to put the time and effort into creating patio set covers, you can make them custom-fitted for each individual patio piece. If patio sets are extremely expensive or you don’t want to bother with making patio furniture covers at all, make sure to purchase patio umbrellas that include an aluminum pole rather than a wooden one. These will keep their shape better over time without cracking out in the cold weather like wooden ones tend to do. If your patio set includes matching pieces such as chairs and tables, consider painting or staining them before putting them away for the season so they don’t become faded by winter sun exposure.

Patio Living Spaces Create Relaxing Outdoor Environment Outdoor patio furniture provides comfort to homeowners. It creates an inviting environment for outdoor relaxation and entertaining guests. A patio is generally installed by building a small patio structure or enclosing an existing patio to keep it safe from the elements. Outdoor patio porches are perfect places for your patio furniture. This gives you comfortable seating even when the weather changes, thanks to fireplace heating units.            


Whether patio furniture patio covers are used for the commercial or residential patio, they provide more durability to patio furniture. This is because patio furniture covers protect patio furnishings from the harsh outdoor climate elements. Proper patio set covers can keep your patio furniture safe from rainwater, snow, the heat of the sun, and other environmental damages. Using outdoor umbrella accessories having matching colors with your patio may enhance your exterior decoration.