Construction, for both commercial and residential purposes, is a significant investment. It is, therefore, vital that you do everything to protect your assets. As you shop for building materials like sand, cement, wood, steel, and paint, there is one more thing that you need to include in the list: corner guards.

They come in different materials. You can find rubber corner guards, stainless steel corner guards, and rigid vinyl to mention a few. Here are the reasons why you need them everywhere.

1. Protection of industrial buildings

Protection of industrial buildings
There is usually so much going on in the industrial structure. There is a lot of movement, heavy loads, machinery, and so on. This vulnerability calls for protection of the buildings against damage.

2. Prevention of injuries

If you have kids and pets in your home, bare wall corners might not be entirely safe. Children and pets tend to be very energetic and will be all over the place. The chance is high that they may bump into wall corners and get seriously hurt. Avoid hospital bills in the long run by installing corner guards. More so, you will make your kid’s playtime more enjoyable as you will not have to get worried about them getting injured in the process continuously.

3. Add life to your walls

Add life to your walls
Walls and floors tend to get damaged faster than any other part of a house. The walls tend to age a lot more quickly. They are the most vulnerable part of the house as they have to endure the pressure of people bumping into them. For that reason, they end up being the most damaged. By installing corner guards, you can reduce the amount or repairs that you will be required to do and also maintain the beauty of your walls.

4. You need them if someone in your house is using a wheelchair

Wheelchairs and walls are not the best of friends. Your walls could easily get damaged by wheelchairs. Worried about corner guards ruining the aesthetics of your house? You should be more concerned about the cracks and chips that are likely to occur. Luckily for you, there are temporary corner guards that you can install if the wheelchair will only be in use temporarily.

5. Keep your walls clean

Keep your walls clean
The corners of the walls tend to get dirtier faster than the other parts of the walls. Have you ever come across black edges on white walls? They look nasty, right? Well, there is a way you can keep your walls cleaner. Stainless steel corner guards, for instance, are very easy to clean. Install corner guards on walls in areas that are susceptible to dirt. You will be able to keep your walls clean.

6. Longer stay for your wallpapers

Wallpapers are stunning. They are an easy way of decorating your walls and changing the entire look of your home. In fact, many people prefer them for renovation to painting as they are easy to install and also very affordable. However, they tend to wear fast. Also, when it comes to the corners of the walls, they do not appear too neat. Corner guards will solve your problems. For one, they will give your wallpaper an excellent finish and also prevent them from peeling, especially at the corners.

7. They can be decorative

They can be decorative
Do not let your house look boring while you can add some glam to it with something that is also functional. We are talking about corner guards. If your home is graced with steel décor, you could use them to complete the look. If you love color, rubber ones will come in handy as they are available in a variety of colors. You can also have them in textured colors! The options are limitless.

Depending on the use you intend them for, you should be able to find the right corner guards for the job. They come in different patterns, colors, and materials. Also, do not forget to source them from a reputable manufacturer as it will also determine their quality and durability. As you have seen, they are instrumental in ensuring that everyone is safe and also, they help protect your investment. Do not forget to include corner guards in your construction budget.