Your windows do more than brighten up rooms and add an aesthetic touch to your home. Did you know old windows can actually play a large role when it comes to power consumption and insulation in your home?

Unless we’re in the midst of a remodel or confronted with damage, most of us don’t usually put a lot of thought into the windows that came with our homes. However, if you’re finding it increasingly difficult to heat or cool your house in the winter and summer months, your windows could be the culprit.

Not sure if replacement windows are the answer? Check out HGTV Canada’s guide on the top ten signs you may need new windows.

You’ve Decided on Replacement Windows…but how much will they cost?

Where do you start when it comes to shopping for replacement windows? This is a question that many home and business owners in Calgary struggle with.

Given all the options in Calgary (both local and online), we know window replacement can feel like a daunting task. To make the process a little easier, the team at Window Mart has put together a crash-course on the key elements to consider with regards to window prices Calgary.

Follow this guide and shop with confidence, knowing you made the right choice.


The first thing to consider when it comes to window prices and quality are materials. When choosing a material, consider the weather conditions in your area and how long you plan on staying in your current home in order to select the best option.

Aluminium: inexpensive and quite strong, but is considered a poor insulator and is, therefore, best for moderate climates.

Vinyl: A cost-effective choice of moderate durability.

Fibreglass: Moderately priced and relatively long lasting while maintaining a clean and polished look.

Natural Wood: Natural wood is highly durable, visually appealing, and insulates well, however, it is also often the most expensive choice.


There are many different brands to choose from when buying windows. Keep in mind that a more expensive brand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. However, buying the cheapest option can also leave you paying more in the future on energy bills or replacements. Choosing a trusted mid-level manufacturer can often be the sweet spot.

Common Types of Windows

Different styles of windows serve different purposes and fall into different price ranges. These are the most common styles of windows available.

Casement windows: A popular style of hinged windows which open outward using a crank mechanism.

Double hung windows: Windows which open by sliding vertically, allowing you to open them from the top or bottom.

Picture windows: Optimal for allowing light in and capturing scenic views. Picture windows are made from a single piece of glass and do not open.

Awning windows: Feature a hinge at the top in order to swing out and up.

Slider windows: Like double hung windows, but with the ability to slide horizontally instead of vertically.

Bow windows: A window which protrudes outward.

Transom: A small window installed above existing windows or doors.

Additional Features and Add-ons

In addition to selecting your window material, brand, and style, there are add-on features and hardware to consider. Many features, such as triple glass, will help tremendously in areas with extreme weather conditions in summer or winter.

  • Triple Glass
  • Low-E Glass
  • Self-Cleaning Glass
  • Window Lock Systems
  • Window Operator Type
  • Window Screens
  • Window Grids
  • Jamb Extensions
  • Casing Type & Style
  • Brickmold
  • Custom Color & Stain


Don’t forget to take installation into account when budgeting for your new windows. Installation costs can vary greatly depending on the type of windows. For example, slider windows will usually cost quite a bit less than large picture windows.

Many installation companies offer discounts on bigger jobs so it may be worth considering replacing all your windows at once rather than one at a time. Most companies are happy to offer a free quote so you can get a ballpark idea of rates in Calgary.

Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

Does shopping for windows still have you feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you have some unanswered questions or would like the advice of a professional before setting a budget or making a purchase?

Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a professional! At Window Mart we love helping home and business owners alike find the perfect windows within their budget and we’re happy to help guide you through the process so that you feel confident and excited about your purchase.

Visit our website or call today and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help answer any questions you may have!