As individuals acquire wealth and social status one of the best ways to “show off” is building the house of their dreams.

However, while a beautiful house is like a gold ring, a creatively designed living room is like a well-cut and extremely rare diamond. Although one is a reflection of the other, the living room is the ultimate reflection of taste and style.

Anyone can build a house but only the extremely creative mind professionals from can add spark and pizzazz to every single room in the house. Actively or passively every individual always want to show off their houses and where is the better place to start than the living room.

Luckily, there are extremely interesting ways to bring creativity and beauty to your living room and a few of these ideas are contained in the lines below.

Paints and wallpapers

Paints and wallpapers
Without paints or wallpapers any living room is but a coven supported by pillars: an incomplete building in need of finishing. One should know that painting is much more than smearing colors on the walls or swiping brushes on cornices, a really creative living room shows blended colors and matching wallpapers that give life and warmth to the home. Carpets, rugs and drapes are also part of a home design that can make the interiors stand out.

Powerful lighting

A home without a beautiful and a state of art lighting will look pale compared to others. Lights do more than reveal, they beautify, they dignify and they make the environment look fly. A poor choice of lighting has a lot to tell about how creative a homeowner is. Take note that modern houses require very warm lights, while royal houses will always wow with a solid sprinkling of hanging chandeliers.

Placing A Piano

Black piano in a living room. 3d rendering
Depending on your style or your living room plan, a Grand Piano is always an amazing addition when looking to add creativity to your living room plan. With several choices to choose from -including the upright pianos, modern pianos, transparent pianos and the exotic ones for the lovers of rare and fine art – you can never go wrong with an object de art shining at the corner of your living room or wherever you choose to place it. More so, if you who want your living room to be a perfect expression of your wild self, specially crafted, made to order designer pianos are a must have to satisfy your wild imagination.

Artworks and carvings

Either hanging on the wall or leaning against one, artworks immediately signal to a visitor that they are in the premises of creativity. With several options to pick out, carvings and sculpting immediately transform the outlook of a room and this is why they are a top choice for interior decorators and interior designers.

Settees and furniture

Settees and furniture
Decorating a living room requires utmost care and ingenuity and without the right furniture, an apartment can quickly transform from classy to clumsy, and stately to starkly. This is why the choice of furniture is one of the most important decisions to be made when planning and designing a home. The appropriate furniture should certainly blend with the piano, wallpapers, electronics and any other addition and inclusions you opt for.