A custom neon sign is an excellent addition to your interior design. While some might know what design they want, you might not be sure. With so many design choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities. To help you decide, we’ve compiled some ideas for your custom LED neon.

Make Your Favorite Quote a Custom Neon Sign

Whether a line from your favorite poem or a gag from your favorite sitcom, using a quote is always a good idea. For something chic and philosophical, you could include a quote from a written work or film. For a conversation piece, use something not many people are familiar with. For something more quirky or nerdy, consider something from pop culture. You could even turn a meme or joke into a neon sign.

Also consider where you’ll hang your custom neon sign. If it’s going over a gaming PC, consider a line from your favorite video game. If it’s going in your home theater, consider a quote from your favorite film.

Fun for Families: Using Names

If you have kids or recently got married, you can make custom neon signs for your family. Get your kids custom LED neon signs of their names or initials and hang them in their room. Or make your family name into a neon light and make it the centerpiece of your photo wall.


Of course, script isn’t the only kind of neon sign. If you’re looking for something more image-based, try these ideas.

Use an Inside Joke

If you’ve spent any time in a social setting, you’ve probably made some inside jokes. Consider your friend group’s inside jokes and funny stories, and see if there’s any images you can use. To everyone else, the sign will just seem like a quirky or refined image. To you and your friends, it’ll have a deeper meaning that’ll make you smile.

Choose a Meaningful Symbol or Favorite Thing

Maybe someone close to you has a minimalist tattoo, maybe you’re into astrology, or maybe you just really like a certain flower. All of these ideas contain small symbols you could incorporate into a neon sign. Symbols like astrology signs, flowers, insects, or animals can easily become their own custom neon sign.

Get Your Pets Involved

If you’re an avid pet-lover, then consider incorporating your pets into your custom design. A paired-down image of your cat or dog would make a fantastic custom neon sign. You might also consider getting a sign of your pet’s name to hang over their food or enclosure.

For something more broad, you can always consider a pet-related quote or the outline of your favorite animal.

Don’t let the abundance of options bog you down. There’s plenty of ideas out there ripe for the taking. Once you have an idea what you want your neon sign to say or look like, visit Echo Neon to see what you can find here.