It’s summer and you probably think it’s time to furnish your sanctuary to match the season. You may have gone the extra mile to contact an interior designer, but for those looking for a cost-effective solution, stay tuned. In today’s article, we shed some insight on how you can turn your master bedroom into a haven of summer delight.

1. Maximize Your Natural Light

Properly set up curtains offer privacy and adequate light. During the summer, you’d want to increase the exposure of natural light your master bedroom gets. Thick curtains only block out rays and leave the room feeling dull.

It’s best to maximize natural light to freshen up the room. You can do this by installing transparent white curtains.

However, if there’s insufficient lighting, you can try the following to spruce up the glow.

  • Clear out any items on window sills like spray cans, plants, etc.
  • Remove thick curtains.
  • Strategically place mirrors within your master bedroom to reflect light.
  • Use bright light fabric curtains (they also allow better airflow)
  • Place rattan shades.
  • Place your bed away from windows.
  • Paint light natural tones of wall paint.
  • During the night, use mild temperature bulbs that give out a dim orange glow.

2. Coastal / Tropical Themed Beddings

When we think of summer, we picture palm trees. For a more summer-like vibe, use coastal themed pillowcases, sheets, and covers. You can also swap out old pillows for new fluffier ones. Setting up a cozy master bedroom is a priority- after all, summer is all about relaxation.

With the right thematic beddings in order, you can foster in the theme even more by trying the following tips.

  • Accentuate pillow and cover colors to a yellow, green, orange, and brown blend.
  • Add a few plants like aloe vera, snake plants, bird of paradise and Kentia Palm ( a miniature palm tree)
  • When buying themed covers, look for floral patterns. Avoid cartoony stenciled drawings.

3. Be Creative with Your Decor

Look for the small things that bring in summer nostalgia into your master bedroom. For an interior decorator in Santa Monica, this was attaching a vintage rowboat onto his ceiling. While this may be a bit extreme for you, start with some simple things to flourish the decor. It’s as simple as buying a few fruits or purchasing some decor from the local store.

To fully maximize your master bedroom decor, consider the following.

  • Look for mahogany or wooden tables that accentuate the tropical summer vibe.
  • Hang a few colorful paintings of palm trees, sunsets, and the ocean.
  • Similar to the rowboat, mounting a boat oar, seahorse/shellfish sculpture, or anchor can uphold the summer theme.
  • Hang an attractive hammock on the corner of the master bedroom.
  • Get creative, place a fruit basket with bananas, coconuts, and pineapple on a table in your master bedroom.

4. Furnish Your Summer Bed

Usher in the summer with a well-designed bed. This is much more than changing a few sheets. For some, changing their entire bed to a mahogany build was an ideal fit. More so, when you think summer, you picture a comforting sea breeze. Therefore, replace heavy duvets for a lightweight, breathable quilt or blanket.

During humid temperatures, the last thing you’d want is to sweat. A few more stylistic improvements to your bed include:

  • Change your mattress for a more comfortable and premium one. Ideally, a waterbed goes well with the summer theme.
  • Consider using a white noise machine to bring in the ambiance of the ocean as you sleep.
  • Add a few more pillows around the corners of the bed.
  • Place a sisal rug under your bed for a rustic summery look.
  • Use polyester fabric for a canopy bed, which drapes down to allow the breeze to pass through naturally.

5. Change the Color Palette

Did you know aside from intensifying natural light, paint can also make your room chilly? Studies show that the color of an object can affect its temperature. During the summer, it’s bound to get hot. Mild hues absorb less heat and make a room cooler. When choosing a color palette to blend into your master bedroom wall, opt the following.

  • Go for colors that reflect beach tones such as pebble grey, turquoise blue, beige, and eggshell white.
  • Floral wallpaper can easily add to the summer theme. However, it can make the room warmer.
  • Natural colors and hues of blue and green evoke a sense of serenity and reflect light well.
  • You can go for murals and color combinations of yellow, lime, and blue patterns instead of the same shades on each wall.


Turning your master bedroom into a summertime paradise doesn’t have to be expensive. You can try using some of the tips for your pleasure. By adding a few simple items like nightshades, hammocks, and floral patterns, you too can create the oasis of your dreams.