Do you want your house to be the ultimate hang-out spot for you and your friends? Do you want to have a cool space where your whole family can relax and enjoy quality time together? Having an awesome movie room is one of the most fun and luxurious ways to utilize an extra room in your house. Follow these easy tips for designing the movie room of your dreams, and never step foot in a theater again!

Get a Projector

To get the true movie theater experience without completely breaking the bank, a projector is a way to go. Regular TV screens just won’t cut it. You can find projectors for sale online for very reasonable prices, then simply buy a white projector background, or DIY your own! You can create a background out of a sheet, canvas, or paint it in white on the wall.

Super Comfy Seating is a Must

When it comes to a movie theater, the next most important thing besides the screen is the seating. It’s impossible to enjoy a movie if you’re stuck in an uncomfortable seat the whole time. For the best experience, invest in a quality sectional sofa that’s big enough to fit you and your friends. Bonus points if it has the option to recline!

Hang Some Movie Memorabilia

A great way to decorate your movie room is by hanging fun and nostalgic movie memorabilia. You can choose to emulate a real movie theatre by creating a faux “Now Playing” section where you hang posters of movies that could be playing at your pretend movie theatre. Or just find wall art and décor that is inspired by your favorite movies or time periods in Hollywood.

Paint it Dark

A staple characteristic of a movie theatre is how dark it gets once the movie starts playing. To achieve this, we highly recommend painting your theater room a very dark color. Think dark gray, navy blue, or even a very deep maroon. This will really help set the mood once the previews start rolling.

Get Funky with the Lighting

Because you’ll be spending most of your time with the lights off in your movie room, it isn’t completely essential to have bright lighting that can fill the entire room. This allows you to get pretty fun and funky with your lighting choices. Consider LED strip lights around the bottom of the room to emulate the lighting that illuminates the aisles of a movie theater!

Splurge on Something Fun

If you really want to set your movie theater room apart and make it the ultimate hangout spot, splurge on something lavish and fun! We highly suggest a popcorn machine. This will not only give you a tasty snack to enjoy during your movie marathon, but it also makes the whole room smell delicious and transports you to a movie theater until you forget you’re in your own house.