If you live in a small space and feel uncomfortable thinking about what tricks you can use to increase your small space. You need changes that everyone can easily implement in their own apartment or house.

Usually typical apartments are not characterized by a large area of rooms. But what to do if the room seems too small, and you are burning desire to expand it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

We will offer you five rather popular techniques for visually creating the impression of spaciousness in a small room from the leading designers of the XXI century.

1. Color design of the room and furniture

To increase the visual size of the room, you should use a light and neutral color scheme. The fact is that bright colors significantly “reduce” the room. The optimal option – pastel colors or shades of white. Choosing the right circumstances to write my essay, attention should be paid to the temperature component of the color – cold shades increase the room, warm, on the contrary, reduce.

Choosing furniture and other interior items, you should be guided by the same rule. Cool pastel shades of finish and upholstery furniture will help you to significantly expand the visual boundaries of the room.

2. Lighting

Accent lighting can also make a room look bigger. Install recessed lighting or concealed spot lighting. In contrast with the lighter shades of trim, the effect will be a pleasant surprise. If you are in the planning stages of the future room, take care to place a large window – natural light also helps to enlarge the room.

3. Choice of furniture

The most common mistake when furnishing a small room is to place a large amount of massive furniture and decorations. If you want to enlarge the room, give it up. Use only the most necessary things and get rid of unnecessary elements, taking up space. Paintings, vases, photographs on the walls – there is no place for all this in a small room. When choosing furniture, give preference to compact and functional options.

4. Mirrors

A mirror is not just a beautiful and functional tool, but also a great way to increase the space of your room. In addition to projecting objects, mirrors reflect light and color in a room. An unconventional idea for a narrow room is to make one of the walls completely mirrored. Installing a long mirror along the wall guarantees a visual enlargement of the room by 2 times!

5. Furniture arrangement

Premises with a small square footage have special recommendations for the installation of furniture elements. Thus, the main items should be placed along the walls, not disturbing the central part of the room. It is better to install cabinets in the corners, choosing open and vertical options. If you plan to buy stools, poufs and other additional items, stop at low variants with an open design.

As you can see, a small area is not a verdict. Today there are many ways to expand even the smallest room, and we have told you just about some of them. On the Internet there are hundreds of useful tips, which we will talk about in the following articles.