Human beings are supremely intelligent beings. They are the greatest of Nature’s creation. With every passing day, they evolve into smarter beings capable of achieving the impossible. Therefore, it is not much of a big deal for them to pose as something they are not and get away with it in a heartbeat. They are capable of malice as much as they are capable of light and goodness. The reason we are discussing the broad spectrum of human nature is because we are leading up to the raging, and often overlooked issue of a ‘moving scam’. People are always on the run- for a new job, for better opportunities and better lives. Thus, more often than not, the question of involving packers and movers for relocation comes into the picture. However, not many would be aware of the scam that is associated with moving and relocating. Several families have become unsuspecting victims to this vicious trap and lost their valuables to fake packers and movers. Therefore, if you have a big move planned sometime in the future, make sure that you know how to tell the real agencies from the fake ones.

The article shall provide you with some insight into how to be smart about these scams and how to handle such situations if at all, you find yourself amidst such cheats. Truth be told, you cannot stop moving and calling these agencies for help with your move only because you fear being preyed by such fraudulent people. The only smart thing you could do is be cautious.

What Are Moving Scams?

What Are Moving Scams
Now that we have laid some groundwork and set the tune of the article, it is perhaps a great way to segue into the rest of the discussion by including a working definition of a moving scam. However, in all honesty, there cannot be any one definition or category that explains what the fraud is. A moving scam could be theft of your goods by these people who pose as movers and packers while they are in transit, or an unethical demand of money by the agencies, or lack of any moving insurance provided by the agency. There is no one watertight compartment where you can place this fraud. Therefore, you must be wary of all the ways in which a moving scam can take place so that you are prepared enough to detect them and deal with them.

Ways of Spotting a Moving Scam:

We are now going to discuss the ways in which you can spot a moving scam. Though a moving scam is not a regular incident, yet you must be able to detect them before time runs out. We have put together a list of signs that are clear indications of a fraud. Internalise them so that you do not have to second guess yourself when you call out on the cheats.

Absence of the Company Logo on the Moving Truck-

Absence of the Company Logo on the Moving Truck
No legitimate company can run without a logo or a sigil. It is the mark of authenticity. Therefore, once your ‘apparent’ movers and packers arrives at the destination, check for the company logo on their uniform or their trucks. If they have one, you are good to go (or at least can tick one precautionary measure off the list). But, if you do not find one, enquire them about the same and do some subtle investigation. For instance, you might call the agency up or look for their registration number on the internet or the directory.

Charging More than the Market Rate-

While there shall always be a difference in the rates of packing and moving for different agencies, you must understand that a marked difference in the rates could hint at a potential fraud. Do some study on what long distance moving companies charge for, and how they break up the fee before you even call up one agency and rope them in on the task. The best way to avoid being cheated is by doing basic research on the costs at the initial stages.

Lack of Insurance-

An authentic movers and packers agency has to have the provision of moving insurance. While your stuff is being transported from one place to another, there will always be chances of mishaps and unfortunate road instances. Therefore, it is necessary to have your stuff insured by the moving agency. If your moving agency does not provide such insurance, or has no contract where they vouch to the take the responsibility of any missing goods during the entire process, it is your cue to ditch the agency.

Lack of Contact Information (or Insufficient Information)-

Lack of Contact Information
If the agency does not have any contact information like the phone number, email address or their postal address, things are way too shady there. Every legitimate movers and packers shall have all the aforementioned details about them mentioned on their contact card or website. There are no two ways to it. Therefore, look for these before you go ahead with the work. Even if one of the above-mentioned details is missing, you must consider yourself warned. It is a definite hint of a scam.


Spotting a scam from a long distance does not have to sound like a difficult job. It does not require much effort. All you have to do is adopt precautions and remain cautious. With that, and a little bit of awareness, you can avoid becoming a victim to any scams.