Natural gas offers good value as an energy source in the home because it is costs less than electricity. Common uses include water heaters, stoves, space heaters, lighting, and even air conditioning. You may think of natural gas in the winter for keeping your home warm, but it is useful for saving energy costs all year round. Here are the most common domestic applications of natural gas.



Many professional chefs prefer natural gas stoves to electric models. The main reason is that it provides more precise temperature control. It is easy to gauge the heat by looking at the size of the flame. Another reason natural gas is more popular is that it uses significantly less energy than an electric oven. The units heat and cool more quickly. To reduce consumption, even more, new model gas stoves use an electric ignition that reduces consumption by up to 40 percent.

For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there is another benefit of natural gas. It doesn’t heat the ambient temperature of the kitchen as much as electric stoves do. This not only keeps the kitchen cooler in general but wastes less Alberta energy. It also keeps the stovetop cooler, reducing the risk of burns. Finally, gas stoves function even when there is a power outage.

Water Heater

Water Heater

Natural gas water heaters are more economical to run since gas costs less than electricity. Most gas water heaters hold 20 – 1000 gallons, so you can find one that is the perfect size for your household. In addition, the gas heats the water faster, so you could have a smaller unit-capacity for the same amount of hot water and save on your water bill too.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

It may seem odd to consider natural gas for running a cooling system, but there are gas-powered air conditioners. They may be more costly to buy and install, but the cost of the gas is so much lower than they usually pay for themselves through your lower energy bill. When there is a power outage, the same applies to your air conditioner as to your stove. It will continue to run and cool your home.



Gas fireplaces provide the same cozy ambiance as wood-burning fireplaces without the mess. You need not worry about sparks or clean up ashes and when you go to bed, just turn off the gas and the fireplace is safe. When you want a fire, you get one instantly by flipping a switch. Wood is messy, expensive and needs to be properly stored.

If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace but would like some of the convenience of gas, you can get a gas insert. This will increase the efficiency of your fireplace and give the benefits of natural gas.

Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer

One of the biggest savings of all is with a natural gas clothes dryer. It can cost 50 percent less than electric clothes dryers. This means you can do two loads for the price of one. It is also more efficient because it uses a larger volume of dry absorbent air that passes through the clothes and dries them faster. If you get an automatic shut-off and a lifetime burner, it is a great option for a family.

Natural gas is safe and efficient for many home appliances. The gas is lighter than air and disperses with the right ventilation. It has a particular odor, so if there is a small leak it is detectible. It is the cleanest fossil fuel and emits the fewest pollutants into the air including little or no sulfur.