Bathroom renovation in Adelaide, or anywhere else, is a complex task with many facets and layers. From stripping to finish, you must decide on crucial aspects of the job before work can begin. Yet working with talented professionals makes the job much easier as you go through a specific checklist.

The planning, budget and time constraints of your project require that you make many decisions. So, here is a quick reference guide to make on some of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects of the renovation checklist.

What You Need to Consider

Renovating a bathroom is more challenging than most other rooms. There are other things to consider as well as design. For example, your bathroom connects to a complex water pipe and an electricity system. Therefore, permits and licensing might be additional requirements.

Planning Permissions

Changing the floorplan of your bathroom or making significant structural changes is almost the point of a renovation. Because of this, planning and permits, applications are a requirement before work on such changes can begin by your chosen contractor.

Such changes typically include adding more toilets, replacing a bath with a shower and an additional washbasin. Upgrades usually don’t require permits. Regulations vary by council and state, but you can easily research these via websites and public information. However, your contractor licensed should also be aware of specific laws.

Budget Constraints

Around a third of renovation projects go over budget, but it is necessary always to set one. You may not have the funds required for the bathroom of your dreams, but any quality contractor will work with you according to finances. However, it would help if you planned 10% more.

When you plan for excess in your budget, you make a contingency for such things as shipping delays, permit costs, and delays due to weather. Additionally, you may have some extra money for last-minute additions and changes to fittings. These are both leading reasons a project exceeds initial projected costs.

An Adequate Timeline

You can purchase many things, but you can never buy more time. We are all beholden to time, so forecasting a reasonable timeline is essential. Of course, you want your shiny new bathroom as quickly as possible, but your contractor can only do so much.

It would be best to work with your project manager to plan your renovation from start to finish. You should accommodate delays in raw material shipping and adverse weather in your timeline. For example, a bathroom renovation should take 15 days from strip-out to final polish. However, it is helpful to expect another week to compensate for unfortunate circumstances. 


Renovating even a tiny bathroom takes a lot of planning and hard work. There are many things to consider. Some of the most critical include permits you need and licenses required by your hired contractors. For example, a plumber or electrician must hold a valid license in addition to being qualified to work on your property.

Also, key considerations fall under time and money. Any expert contractor will always work with you around your budget. Something can always be left out or worked around. But it would help if you aimed to budget a little higher to accommodate unexpected conditions. Much in the same way, you need to allot more time for unfortunate events like bad weather.