Cleaning our homes can be a time-consuming task and not many of us are excited about it, but we have to. In fact, an average Canadian woman spends more than 2 hours each day doing the cleaning and other house chores. Luckily, there are some hacks that are widely used that can make these mandatory activities less time consuming and a little more fun. 

If you are anything like me, there are habits and routines you go especially when doing the cleaning. There are so many repetitive tasks to be done daily that you might find yourself being a zombie through the home management routines. The mundane tasks have to be performed, but some hacks can speed up the process. 

There are changes that we can try in our houses to make cleaning and home maintenance way easier. Finding a simpler way of performing the tasks that take up the majority of your cleaning time will give you the most efficient routine that you never knew you needed. 

We have chosen the seven most popular hacks that will simplify cleaning for you

  • Washable window covers
  • Pitch your blinds
  • Best ways to dust your floors
  • Efficient laundry routine
  • Top-quality cleaners
  • Best ways to wash your floors
  • Speed Cleaning

Let’s start with window covers…

Change Window Coverings

For most of us when we purchase or rent homes, almost every window has the traditional faux wooden blinds. And these blinds might not have been cleaned properly in a long time. Thorough blind cleaning, to many, is the most dreadful task and no matter the hack used it remains a daunting task. Many try a window a day but it isn’t long before they give up altogether. But have you tried taking the faux wooden blinds down, all of them? You will be amazed at how much dust you eliminate by taking the wooden blinds down and how much bigger and brighter the rooms will look after. But still, you may need to have something on the windows.

The front of your home can have the plantation shutters on the windows as they are visually more appealing and are extremely easy to maintain and to clean. But, installing the plantation shutter on every window can be way out of budget for many. Yet still, replacing the dusty and hard-to-clean wooden blinds is a priority for many. Also, you may want to get washable roman shades. We may not know how long these great shades have been in the world and why you haven’t tried them yet, but you will surely do like them.

Installation couldn’t be easier as they have no cords that could pose any danger to your kids or your pets. In fact, most of them are magnetic that makes folding way easier. They are washable. These Roman shades are incredibly easy to remove for washing

Clear the Clutter

Clutters make cleaning harder than it already is. Focusing on cleaning when there is clutter all over the house is hard for most of us. Clearing the clutter reduces the cleaning time and efforts in considerable proportions. 

Change the Flooring

Have you ever thought about how much of your life has been spent cleaning floors? (A LOT) The ideal hack to simplify floor cleaning is to have low maintenance flooring in all the rooms. However, unless you are into home design and remodeling, in many instances you have to work with what you have.

Most people go with carpet and tiles for most rooms and replace the carpet with wooden floors in the bedrooms. Depending on the budget, you may replace the whole flooring throughout your home but in case of budget constraints, start with rooms where dust allergy affects you the most. 

Additionally, most kitchen floors or dining areas may have chips in the tiles as they age or having been poorly maintained by the previous tenant. The grout may be terrible with loose sealing as well. Make sure to check it out. But, here’s the thing: If you have tile floors, be sure to follow the recommended practices of applying and reapplying the grout sealer. It makes an immense difference in the efforts that will go into keeping the tile floors clean. 

So, if you can’t replace the entire flooring and have to work with what you have, we have some hacks for you. 

Have You Tried Roomba?

Most people are increasingly using Roomba and love it. Even the basic model of Roomba will save time and work great on your carpet, wooden floors, and tiles. The latest version is making it easier; they are WiFi-enabled and are compatible with Alexa. 

Additionally, most office spaces and indeed homes are embracing cleaning companies that are as effective as expected. Experts found at believe that for someone that is allergic to dust, cleaning every detail of the flooring is vital in making the rooms more comfortable and fresher. 

Embrace Vinegar

Laundry – do you dread it, too, or you love it? Laundry can be another time-sucker that every hack is welcome. The good news is, when you use these hacks, you will reclaim your time and the chore will not be as monotonous as it already is.

Vinegar will make cleaning way easier. It is incredibly hard to keep up with all the recommended cleaning products for the different cleaning needs in your rooms. Having several cleaners is not only expensive but also takes up some storage space. Stopping to read every bottle label wastes more time than you think. 

But we have the hack for you. Embrace the use of non-toxic ingredients as they are reasonably priced and do clean well. That’s great; can one all-purpose cleaner serve all my cleaning needs? Yes, it can. Do some research and find the best multi-purpose cleaner and your cleaning routine will never be the same again. But, vinegar will soften your sheets and make cleaning easier. Running a cycle with your sheets and white vinegar will give your sheets the boost of softness and brightness you need. Plus, vinegar removes all the lingering odors.

When the tasks are simplified, cleaning takes less time. We hope you will use the tips to make change your cleaning routine and make the chores less time-consuming.