Testosterone is the hormone produced in both males and females but not in equal proportion, as in males testosterone is the hormone that during puberty drives the boys through physical changes in their body such as hair growth, voice change etc.

The hormone also plays a vital role in development of male reproductive organs such as testes and prostate and is as well as responsible for the muscle growth and bone mass.

This hormone is produced in male testicles and in ovaries in case of females. The adrenal gland also produces a little amount of testosterone.

The levels of testosterone are important to be maintained in both male and females to be healthy sexually, to maintain body composition and for general health of a person.
So to maintain a healthy level of testosterone is very important. So keep reading to achieve a healthy lifestyle!!!

Exercise and Testosterone

Exercise surely protects our health and keeps us fit but did you know that it also helps to keep our testosterone levels in check and it help boost it.

All exercises are great for a boost of testosterone but resistance training and weight lifting would do great wonders if done correctly.

Researchers have found that the more muscle a man has, more his testosterone will be. Researchers also found a direct link between obesity and low testosterone levels.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a cardiovascular exercise strategy that focuses on sprint interval training, also is beneficial for increasing the testosterone levels.

Eating Right

Eating right
Eating right is beneficial for the overall health of a person so there are no surprises here. Your eating habits influence the levels of testosterone in your body majorly.

Dieting properly with exercise may increase testosterone levels but improper dieting will be as harmful.

Protein and carbs are proper and complete nutrients that will help you boost your testosterone levels, healthy fats (NOT FAST FOOD) are as by their name healthy for you.

So it’s time to change your diet and increase your testosterone.

Stress and Low Testosterone

Stress equals low testosterone
Stress is one of the major factors that result in low testosterone among people. Human body prioritizes your stress related issues over the formation of testosterone. After all you won’t be needing those muscles if you are on a death sentence tomorrow!!!

Jokes apart, your body needs a hormone called the cortisol hormone, whose secretion if increases, will result in decrease of the testosterone hormone.

So start living a cheerful life, eat healthy and avoid those stressful situations. Go turn the frown upside down!

Vitamins to Increase Testosterone Levels

Some studies suggest that taking multivitamins may increase testosterone levels in one’s body.

Studies have shown that multivitamins like zinc, vitamin B are known to increase the sperm quality by a whopping 74%. Zinc is also used by zinc deficient athletes to boost up their performances.

Although research shows that Vitamin D and Zinc would be the best multivitamins to consume for an increase in the levels of testosterone.

Testosterone and Sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

And also increases their testosterone levels apparently.

Getting a good sleep and exercise well with sufficient diet is known to increase testosterone levels. As sleeplessness is directly related to stress so remember to stay fresh and well rested.
Research suggests that 7-10 hours’ sleep a day would be beneficial and would help in increasing the testosterone levels in the body.

Use Testosterone Boosters

Use testosterone boosters
There are both natural and artificial boosters present in the market for boosting your levels of testosterone.

One such natural booster is Ashwagandha, a herb which is found in nearly all parts of the Indian subcontinent. This herb is well tolerated and does not have much of side effects. Ashwagandha is known to lower the cortisol levels and boost the testosterone meanwhile.

The artificial boosters are also present in the market for not much higher price which can be bought both online and offline but may have some side effects. Thus the readers are advised to look into the product before buying it.


Thus we can say if one exercises regularly, eats right and sleeps well he can keep his testosterone levels in check and well maintained. Go and BE THE MAN!!!!!