In our crazy lives and busy schedules, we often forget to have fun and be creative! Diamond painting is just one of the many different ways to unwind and relax. However, don’t make the mistake of underestimating this beautiful craft. There’s a good reason why diamond painting has taken the crafting world by storm in the recent years. It is a wonderful craft that is as inspiring and exciting as it is calming and refreshing. While some indulge in this craft for relaxation or pure fun, there are many that use it as a way to express their creativity. Whether you’re an experienced diamond crafter or a novice starting your first painting, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some simple and effective diamond painting tips for all you beginners to start this exciting journey the right way!

Choose the Right Kit

Diamond painting is the craft where you simply apply colorful resin diamonds onto a printed canvas painting. Choosing the right Diamond Painting Kits is very important. Always check the painting kit for all the necessarily tools and their proper condition before you buy. You should select a painting that you find fun and exciting. But also consider what you will do with it once it’s over. Whether you plan to gift it or display it in a frame also affects your choice of painting.

Start With Small Paintings

As with anything else, the main mantra here too is to start small before you go big! When you’re new to this craft, it may take you some time to get the hang of it. Starting with a small painting helps you adjust and increase your skills and speed. Once you’re sure of your skill level and concentration, you can raise the bar and challenge yourself with bigger projects!

Take Inventory of Your Tools

Once you’ve already started your project, gathering more supplies or missing tools can be a bit tricky. It’s better to take an inventory of your painting tools before you start with your project. Check if you have all the diamonds, label them if needed. Also, ensure the painting is in good condition and all the tools you need are present. You don’t want to start painting only to realize you’re missing an important tool or diamonds of a certain color!

Dryer Sheets Keep Diamonds Separate

Dryer Sheets Keep Diamonds Separate
You may notice your diamonds sticking together when you paint over a longer period. When this happens, separating them and keeping them apart becomes a chore. Don’t worry; it’s not all over yet! There are many easy ways to keep your diamonds fresh, intact, and separate.

All you need to do is cut up some dryer sheets and keep them wherever you store your diamonds. These dryer sheets will keep the static away so your diamonds remain separate.

Creating something with your own hands is very exciting. While diamond painting is a craft that requires patience and focus, the end result is extremely satisfying. So, stop waiting, grab your diamond painting kit and create your own sparkling masterpiece!