One of the major problems I had a couple of months ago is dealing with roaches. Anytime I woke up at night to switch on lights in my kitchen I found a swarm of them. It drained my heart and made me feel terrible especially when I realize the health issues that come with them. Well, I had to deal with these irritating insects. And though I did not know how to deal with them, I realized a few things.

Anytime I switched on the lights, the roaches all went into hiding. When I cleared my kitchen dustbin before retiring to bed and ensured all my utensils were clean, they also disappeared. Yaay!

Well, I had managed to remove the roaches. But these are not the only ways you can remove cockroaches.

Quickly, let’s look at what worked for me and a couple more ways of removing reaches effectively.

1.Maintain A Clean Kitchen

Maintain A Clean Kitchen
As previously mentioned, anytime I kept my kitchen clean, I noted no traces of roaches in my kitchen. What does that mean? If you want to eliminate these insects, you’ve got to maintain cleanliness in your house. After all, it is also unhygienic to leave your utensils dirty overnight.

However, a dirty kitchen is not the only bleeding place for these insects. If you do not clean the areas under your sofa, bed, dining table, fridge, microwave and the like, then you should expect to see these cockroaches.

That is why you need to do a thorough cleaning of your entire house every once in a while. You may even consider using a vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning, the familiar website says that this appliance simplifies your cleaning duty and makes it easy.

2.Cover Holes And Repair Cracks

Cover Holes And Repair Cracks
Roaches, especially, use holes and cracks as a hiding and dwelling place during the day or when they notice your presence. The solution, therefore, after maintaining hygiene would be to seal those holes and repair the cracks in your wall, sink, cabinets, floor, and ceiling.

Try using some tough sealers to deny the roaches permanent access to your house. While sealing, be sure not to leave even the tiniest cracks uncovered because some cockroaches, for example, the American, as well as the German, crawl even to such cracks and spaces.

What more? Barb Ogg from the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension advises covering floor basement with window screening, sealing gaps around the heating pipes, gas, and water. She further recommends carefully tightening of windows.

3.Pesticides And Traps

Well, at times, it may be hard to identify where the roaches are hiding. This might result in an endless battle of trying to eliminate these insects in your home. In this case, you could opt to use a pesticide. You can use some chemicals such as boric acid, diatomaceous earth, or insect traps. On the other hand, if you witness the large kind of reaches, traps could also work effectively. Do traps really work?

Yes, they do when dealing with the largest American type of roaches often called smoky brown. According to Executive Vice President of Operations, Charlie Jones of Arrow Exterminators, using traps should be after enhancing proper sanitation. This allows you to set traps in the areas the roaches prefer living in. Nevertheless, Charlie recommends seeking further assistance from experts.

4.Contact The Experts

Contact The Experts
At times, if the roaches are uncontrollable, contacting a natural pest control company like Turner Pest Control would save you a lot of time, energy and money. Services like Turner comes to your residence is really a one stop solution for life time to your residence. The good thing with reaching out to experts is that they have dealt with most of these insects and can tell the most effective pesticide to use in a particular home depending on how bad the situation is.

While this may not look like the best way to go, the amount of money you spend trying to kill roaches may not be compared to the one experts can use.

The Parting Point

While roaches are challenging to deal with at times, using these effective measures mentioned here will yield positive results. Not only so, removing these insects from your home gives you and your family a chance to enjoy good health.