Living in modern society, we are reliant on electricity. You will hardly find a home that has no power system. 

Without access to our favorite appliances/mechanisms that assist us in carrying out our daily functions with ease, we humans feel helpless. Yes, it is a threat to productivity but, the modern lifestyle has adapted this way of living so well that there is no going back. 

When it comes to using electronic gizmos, electrical faults cannot be treated as alien. They happen, and you need to be prepared with the back of a 24-Hour Electrician in Sydney

However, before reaching out for support, it is better to know the difference in severity scale. It helps you decide whether you need a routine fix or emergency help. 

Routine Services v/s Electrical Emergency

Routine electrical service includes a won’t range of services. It might comprise the following, but they are limited to

  • General power and light repairs
  • An examination to probe for faults
  • Installation and assessment of smoke alarm
  • Scrutinizing meter box issues
  • Lighting maintenance across the home

Such work is undertaken on a calendar and carried out in the daytime for regular clients. 

While on the other hand, electrical emergency works involve being on-call 24×7 to any serious issues that may arise on your premises. Emergency electricians charge higher rates which are because of the working hours. 

When Does One Need to Call an Emergency Electrician?

An electrical issue that could pose a significant threat to premises and the people living in them is considered an emergency. If any of the following electrical problems occur on your premises, immediately seek a 24-hour electrician in Sydney.

  • Burning wires
  • A popping sound coming from inside the walls whenever a switch is turned on 
  • Showing up of smoke from a device or its wiring 
  • Light flickering on the central switchboard
  • Burning smell leaking from appliances or switchboards. 
  • Hot or smoking powerpoints and switches

Steps One Should Take in an Electrical Emergency

Suppose you suspect ever there to be an electrical emergency on your premises. The very first action we advise you to take is switching off the central power source. 

Doing so would reduce the chances of mishaps and further damages to your home or workplace. 

Additionally, remember even if you see fire coming from the switchboard or the main meter, DO NOT under any circumstances make the mistake of throwing water over it. 

Doing so could result in conducting and subsequently electrocution, which could be fatal. If you have a working fire extinguisher, try using that till the emergency help comes to rescue. 

Bottom Line

From a strange humming sound to a torrent, there are several reasons an electrical emergency can occur. Since things are related to electricity, it is always better to reach out to an expert rather than taking things into your own hands. 

So next time, if you are facing any such issue, contact a 24-hour electrician in Sydney.