Families have increasingly grown apart due to busy schedules in a fast-paced world. You can free yourself some time by using such services as https://usessaywriters.com/ in trying to finish assignments, while parents work two or three jobs a day to put bread on the table. As a result, the joy of togetherness dissipates because of a lack of bonding. To have a session of escape room at your household can, however, prove fun and relaxing, besides giving you an excellent opportunity to bond as a family. 

So what does an escape room entail? It implies a cooperative adventure full of puzzle-solving and role-plays. The experience features an incredible application and teamwork experience, which makes it ideal to unwind and bond with family at home. It comprises one of the coolest games you can ever play at home.  You can play piano tunes, making the right dance moves on the carpet, unlocking locks using diverse keys, etc.

A home environment might lack some of the professional elements of an expert escape room. However, you can always design it around a table, incorporate some costumes and decorations, and add the correct music to have the same immersion aspect and teamwork required. 

Key Positive Attributes of an Escape Room

  • Collaborative family adventure which can prove fulfilling.
  • It appeals to the adoration and satisfaction that accompanies logic games and puzzle-solving. 

The Best Escape Room Options to Consider

Everyone becomes a better judge of an experience after sampling one. Therefore, the following escape room options rank the best for a home family set up based on previous reviews. However, the choice of an escape room experience should depend on the age of your kids. Some series can prove suitable for older kids while others for relatively younger children.

ThinkFun’s Escape Room. The game proves a favorite escape room fun experience with excellent and quality logic puzzles. ThinkFun has two escape room game options on the market currently. It includes the Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat and the Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. Please consider the Stargazer’s Manor for kids aged ten to twelve years while Dr, Gravely’s Retreat for kids aged thirteen years and above.  

The game can prove comfortable for young kids to participate in while also challenging adults. Such a balance creates teamwork in trying to solve puzzles. Further, these games have excellent stories as their backbone.     

Exit. The Exit game series prove well-crafted but with a unique difficulty level even for adults. You can spend the longest time in trying to complete this escape room game. Therefore, it proves wise to play the Exit series with older kids to limit the risk of leaving them behind or loss of attention. It has a creative design with an excellent scoring system that allows you to rank your performance concerning hint usage and speed used to complete a puzzle.

Additionally, it becomes crucial to understand that Exit games only get played once as you destroy the materials used in the formative stages by cutting, folding, and writing on the inside materials.

Escape Kit. The Escape Kit proves perfect for a child’s birthday party, especially when it comes to the escape room experience. It comes in diverse options designed for various age groups and gives you the edge in playing with even younger kids. One option of the game includes moving around the house on a hunt, which can prove exciting for a kid. On the other hand, others can entail sitting around the table though with a similar level of immersion. To play any of the diverse Escape Kit options, you only have to purchase one from the game’s website. However, you will have to do the heavy lifting with the rest, including setting up, printing, cutting, etc.


Playing an escape room game can prove fulfilling for the entire family whether played in the house or somewhere else in an expert facility. Further, you will have fun and bond more as a family.