What do you look for when buying a mattress? With so many options of mattresses available in the market, choosing the right one becomes challenging. The choice becomes more complicated when you need the right mattress after previous ones have made you suffer neck and back pains. The mattress you choose will determine how you will sleep and spend your day. 

Choosing the wrong mattress will make you stare at the ceiling while others are sleeping soundly. It will also make you suffer neck and back pains during the day. This situation also affects your moods since you won’t have slept well. This article will highlight some expert tips to guide you in choosing the right mattress. Read on for the tips.

1. Choose the correct type of mattress

Before purchasing any mattress, you need to know the different types and choose the best according to your needs. There are two main categories of mattresses, Tempurpedic and Posturepedic mattresses. The professionals behind Posturepedic vs. Tempurpedic explain in detail their variances. When it comes to types, these mattresses differ according to the materials. Innerspring mattresses are made of coils and always bounce while offering firm support. Latex mattresses are from latex material, which offers more bounce and responsiveness than coil ones. Memory foam mattresses contour the body, while hybrid combines both the memory foam and latex mattress to bring out a comfy, supportive mattress. The last type, the air mattress, is an inflatable one. It has a tube that preserves air which acts as a support to the mattress. When you deflate, it remains just a material.

2. Get advice from your healthcare provider

When suffering from ailments and other conditions, including back pains, it’s essential to get advice from your healthcare provider on the best mattress to buy. The health experts will recommend the right mattress that will fit your condition. Even though it might be expensive, the mattress will help solve the condition you are suffering from. Buying a standard mattress while suffering from specific ailments might worsen the situation. At all times, always get a mattress that supports your spine and neck comfortably. This idea will enable you to have good spinal alignment. Doctors may not be mattress experts but will enable you to choose the best mattress from the market.

3. Visit physical stores to purchases the mattress

One habit that has got into many people nowadays is to buy items online. While this is one of the convenient purchasing methods, things like mattresses will require you to go to a physical shop. While at the shop, you can check on the features and test the mattress before committing your hard-earned cash. It is crucial to create some time to get the best mattress according to your needs. If possible, ask the attendants if you can lie on the mattress. Get into it, like when you sleep, and try all sleeping methods until you are sure of its support and quality. Don’t be shy about this procedure. Mattresses are essential purchases that greatly affect your health. They are also long time-investments that require vast sums of money.

4. Watch out for fakes

Due to the rising competition, some companies will produce cheap mattresses, selling the mattresses with fake labels to lure unsuspecting buyers. You will find labels such as orthopedic, medically-approved, and heavy-duty, luring you to buy the mattress when, in a real sense, the mattresses have no such qualities. First, there are no medical organizations that approve mattresses. You have to be very careful and purchase mattresses from reputable companies or reputable outlets. You might find orthopedic or other high-quality mattresses with such an idea but not medically approved. You can ask your doctor about the best mattress to go with.

5. Firm mattresses aren’t the best

Most people will look for firm mattresses when choosing the best mattresses to buy. But are firm mattresses the best? Experts differ on this. According to research done, the best mattresses can be firm ones or medium mattresses. It all depends on the material. You will need to find a mattress with firm support and not a firm feel. A firm-feel mattress will cause back and neck pains, while a firm-support mattress will effectively support your body while sleeping. Ensure you get a firm support mattress with a comfortable feel. There is no measure for comfortability. It all depends on personal preferences.

6. Ask for recommendations

You can ask for recommendations from family members and friends (both physical and online) for the best mattress to buy, according to your condition. You can ask individuals to post their suggestions then compare and choose the best. Of course, you will get different opinions, but it is better to choose the most recommended mattress. Choose one recommended by people who share the same condition and ask them why they did so. You can also get the options, filter them out and visit the stores to test each option before picking the best. Besides these recommendations, you can check online reviews and recommendations from existing clients of the brands you got in mind. Such is essential when buying online. Some online retail stores provide reviews and ratings from approved clients. Use these reviews and ratings to come up with a better choice.

7. Look for trial periods and return policies

Many reputable mattress companies have trial periods and return policies for clients who have purchased their products. No company will want to get returns for the goods they have sold. Companies that offer these services are sure of their qualities and make clients trust and purchase their products. With trials and return policies, you buy the mattress and use it for a while to ensure it satisfies your needs. When it doesn’t conform to what you bought it for, you can return it for an exchange or refund. Before taking these offers, ensure you have read the terms and conditions.

A higher price doesn’t mean getting the best mattress. Before buying any mattress, go through these tips from experts and choose a mattress that will effectively satisfy your needs. Other details you can consider are the warranty, your bed type, and much more. Mattresses are huge investments. It would be best not to compromise on your sleep quality and spine health. Ensure you get value for your money by purchasing the right mattress.