While setting up our new homes, most of us want everything to be just perfect and look absolutely gorgeous. From the paint on the walls to wallpaper, to furniture, everything needs to be picture perfect. 

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A home bar is like a dream for most. Sure, you can have a drink outside with your friends. But sometimes, you want to host the fun at your home. With your friends’ long binge drinking weekends, to the late-night watching movies, all done while still enjoying drinks at your own home. Now that would be fun! So here we have for you some of the best home bar designs that are purely built for entertainment.

  • Old Piano design:

A perfect treat for a music lover who likes to go on that classical piano, this is, without a doubt, the best bar design for those types of people. Coupled with the inexpensive designing of the piano bar, you are sure to keep the guests mumbling on after the party.  Plus, it is a very convenient bar design requiring very minimal space to set up, but packed with all the essentials you need.

  •  A Wine barrel

What can be better than using a Wine barrel for making a home bar? If done correctly, this can prove to be a very unique and eye-catching home bar design. You can get an old wine barrel very cheaply from a wine seller after selling a batch, and turn it into an enchanting place for keeping all your drinks.

1. A chandelier out of beer bottles

The beautiful colourful bottles of wine illuminate the entire room, now that is a site worth watching! Although this may not appeal to all, some may find it too distracting, but others will find it fascinating and beautiful. And besides, these kinds of design are not cheaper than the ones previously mentioned.

2. Fish tank design

Fish lover folks, will love this. Even those who are not into fishes that much, will find this mesmerizing to the eyes. With a colourful background, decorated with an aquarium, any mood can be lifted like a charm. The fishes swimming around their way, while you drink and have a wonderful time with your family and friends, can be a game-changer in one’s party. But this also comes with its cost. That too a hefty one indeed!

3. T.V bar:

Do you have an old T.V just lying around since your grandfather used it in their early 20s? Do you want to put it to good use? Then what’s better to use then to turn it into a veteran bar. This old school design, if done right, can prove to be very sleek and esthetic, with a veteran vibe emanating from it.  And even if you don’t have an old T.V, then not to worry. Those things are cheap nowadays, and you can quickly get one from any scrap dealer.

4. Using a cabinet

This may not be as exciting as the others in the list, but if you have a cabinet that anyone rarely touches once in a lifetime, then it is time to bring that in use. Add some décor to the cabinet, like a double mirrored frame, and it will turn into a perfect bar design. This type of design looks very sophisticated and pleasant on the outside. At the same time, they are harbouring all the fun on the inside.

5. A wine cellars

If you are looking for a home bar, you may have searched for a wine cellar at some point. And so, you will most definitely know that these things don’t come cheap. But if you can spare some extra cash, and want something more pleasing, then a wine cellar will be the best pick. You can get a decent wine cellar for your house, and have it set up according to your preferences so that you can show off your very own collection.

6. Tiki bars

Our very own, classic tiki bars, brings back the memories of the late 90s. These bars are a charm to the eyes, for someone who lived through the 90s and liked having fun around them. Although these are not actually inside your home, they can be easily set up just in your lawn, where you can have all the fun.

7. Wood baskets

These wood baskets offer the most straightforward solution out there with no effort required whatsoever, yet appealing very much to the common eye. These decent-looking wood basket bars can be the perfect place for you to store your wines while showing off your most dear collection to your friends and family. You can place the wood basket on your dining table or in your guest room.

8. Using a truck end as a bar

This is one my personal favourite. Using some backyard junk and turning it into a fine piece of vintage art for others to glare on. Indeed, you will lose half of your truck, but what good that truck was anyways, collecting rust since being your grandfather’s first car. It is better to bring it to fair use this way, then letting it sit in the garage, collecting dust and occupying space. Turning it into a piece of a personal home bar can make it look like a piece of eye-popping beauty with a very veteran vibe attached to it.

Final words:

Making a home bar can be one of the best decisions you will make. Although many people think this can be a costly, luxury item, that only the rich can have in their homes, this is not always the case. You can still make a very exquisite home bar, with the things you already have in your home, or with a minimal number of resources required. Whilst still having the same level of entertainment in your home, from your very own home bar.