The capital of Salt Lake City, Utah, has a lot of high-density apartments. And recently, a study concluded that such apartments do not decrease nearby home values. So rental housing is only expected to go up in a city with close to 1,133,521 housing units as of July 1, 2019.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things you need to know. This article explains some of those factors for a Utah kitchen remodel project.

Figure Out Your Budget

The first factor you must consider is your budget. This will define what kind of renovation work you can undertake and whom you can hire. For example, renovating the entire kitchen will cost you more than overhauling just the ceiling. Similarly, specialist renovators will cost more than DIY.

So, figure how much you’re willing to spend on your kitchen renovation. Since it’s going to be for the long-term, you should hold yourself back from spending a bit extra. But avoid splurging at the same time. Be smart with your spending by consulting with a local renovator.

Take Special Care of Cabinets and Counters

Most people start their kitchen renovation with the foundation, which are the cabinets and the counters. And you should put extra effort into them. For a quick makeover, you can replace handles and hinges. These cost less than $10 each, depending on the style in Utah. For a complete makeover, you must refinish the existing cabinets. For some instances, you might have to reface your cabinets. 

For the counters, you can coat them with new paint or install granites.

Upgrade Lighting

If you’re planning on selling your home or apartment, then proper lighting can increase the value to some degree. You should consider both the natural and artificial light sources. These will elevate the cabinet and countertop renovation work.

Upgrade Kitchen Sink

The sink is often excluded from the to-do list. But as experienced renovators will tell you, that’s a mistake. That’s because renovating your sink later will be more challenging. If your budget permits, you should consider upgrading your kitchen sink. So if you’re using a single bowl sink, you can upgrade to a double bowl or top mount sink.

Install Smart Appliances

The homes are getting smarter. And so your kitchen should keep pace. Today, you have a lot of options to choose from. One of the most used appliances is a smart WiFi Instant Pot. These are compact and are affordable. You can cook a variety of dishes in it and control the process via WiFi. You can also install smart speakers, smart fire sprinklers, and smart LED lights.

Prioritize Renovation Tasks

For a successful renovation project, even with a tight budget, you need to prioritize tasks. So you need to decide if you’re going to renovate the cabinet ahead of the countertop and sink. By prioritizing tasks, you ensure you’re not missing out on essential things by focusing on inessential tasks.

A kitchen renovation can significantly improve the lifestyle and home resale value. It’s recommended that you renovate your kitchen from time to time on your own. When there’s a significant upgrade, you can call a renovation expert to assist you in the process. With that said, you always work with an experienced consultant whenever you’re undertaking a Utah kitchen remodel project.