One of the essential parts of your home is its windows. The sunlight that comes in during the day provides natural light and helps to keep your house cool by providing shade on hot days. A window can be one of your favourite features in a room, or it can be something you dread looking at every day because they are so outdated and ugly. Blinds are an attractive way to add style and colour to any window and help keep out unwanted light when needed. If you’re trying to decide what kind of blinds are best for your windows, here’s some information about how to find the perfect fit! 

Window and Blinds are an essential part of a home, and choosing a window for your home can become a real headache, especially if you don’t have all the information in hand. Indeed, the window exists in a wide range of models depending on the opening systems, materials and finishes. As a result, it is not effortless to find a model that will easily fit your interior. Our A2B Windows and Blinds team provide custom window treatments and have satisfied customers nationwide. To help you, here are the things to consider when choosing a window.

What type of blind to choose?

The interior blind not only allows you to hide your window, but in addition, it is a decorative element in its own right for your living space. And the good news is that it can be available in several models depending on the materials, finishes and types of opening. If you’ve chosen a blind as your blackout and decorating solution, here’s a guide to help you choose the suitable model.

The blind: the materials available

The awning is available in different materials. Among the most chosen, the fabric blind, which offers a wide variety of colours and materials, is particularly prized for its ease of maintenance and cleaning since water is enough to restore its original shine. It can be used to obscure light and sight. As for the wooden blind, it is often recommended for Venetian blinds. It gives a natural and authentic touch to your interior design. It also exists in several colours and tones. Not to mention that it is straightforward to maintain. In addition, the aluminium blind is the most popular in contemporary and modern homes. It has the advantage of being light, robust and resistant. It also comes in a wide range of finishes and sizes. It is easy to maintain with microfiber. As for PVC blinds, these are the most attractive models from a financial point of view. In addition, they adapt quickly to your windows and seduce by their lightness and ease of maintenance.

The right choice of material for your window

The window can be declined in different types of materials. From a financial perspective, the PVC window is the most popular because of its good value for money. Moreover, it represents up to 60% of the market. In addition, PVC is a material with many advantages. It is at the same time light, aesthetic and easy to maintain. This type of window can easily be integrated into your existing constructions. 

Also, it displays an excellent thermal and sound insulation performance and is resistant to the aggressions of time. It is also an ecological material and can be personalized according to your desires and preferences. Not to mention that you can mix PVC with other materials to have a window that combines the advantages of the associated materials.

As for wooden windows, they are timeless and can perfectly compete with recent materials. For a good reason, wood is a recyclable material and an excellent insulator. With this material, your window can withstand climatic constraints and cope with the wear and tear of time. It will also bring character to your interior thanks to the wood material, aesthetic and ease to personalize. It would only be necessary to think of maintaining and treating your woodwork regularly to guarantee its longevity.

Finally, the aluminium window is the new trend in terms of interior carpentry. It is a modern and easy to work material. It is suitable for all types of openings, even at the most significant dimensions. It does not warp or rust. He can endure all hardships. And if aluminium was known to be a poor insulator, it has become very efficient in insulation because this type of window has a thermal bridge system.