Moving into your first home is a thrilling experience for sure. In the spur of the moment, you might neglect to check on a few things after moving in. you might overlook the importance of a series of intervention that will ensure higher security and safety levels for you and your family. Because it is so easy to overlook certain inspections and interventions, we prepared a short checklist to help you break down and organize everything easier.

Turn on Utilities

Turn on Utilities
Before moving into your new home or as soon as possible after, you want to notify the main utility suppliers and have all utilities transferred to your name. check everything, from water, gas, electricity, trash and sewer. In some cases, you can ask for an automatic name transfer when closing on your home.

But just to be certain, give all suppliers a call and follow the procedures explained to you. You don’t want to wake up without running water when you first move into your home. This will add to the already-existing stress involved by the whole process.

Inspect for Pests

Especially if the house hasn’t been inhabited for a while, you want to give a pest inspection agency a call and have them assess your property before moving in. all pests are sensitive to changes in their environment and having an entire family move in after a long time will make them resurface and potentially traumatize you, your children and even pets. Not to mention the fact that some pests are dangerous to pets like dogs and cats.

Change the Locks

Change Your Mailing Address
As soon as you arrive, although specialists advise tackling this step before moving it, you should go ahead and change the locks on the house. The old owners and the realtor might still have some copies after the key of your new home.

To boost safety and security levels, changing the locks and making sure that only you and your family have access to the house is necessary. Hire a professional lock company and let them handle everything. This apparently difficult process can be tackled in a matter of minutes if you hire professionals.

Inspect the Insulation

Especially if you purchase a home on the more affordable spectrum, you will need to take a closer look at essential elements of your home. Home insulation should be assessed before moving into your house. In case it needs replacement, the team will have just enough time to remove and then apply a new insulation system to your home, in all essential areas. Make sure to discuss details like the type of insulation appropriate, as well as what areas you should include in the process. Ideally, you wouldn’t attempt to make a DIY project out of applying insulation. Most probably, it will end up being an utter waste of time and money.

Check the Boiler

Check the Boiler
Since boilers run on gas, you don’t want to make the fatal mistake of inspecting yours before moving in. Boiler maintenance and inspection interventions will ensure proper functioning of the entire system and each piece of equipment, separately. Especially if the boiler is an outdated one, you might want to consider a full replacement, for safety reasons, the engineers at explain.

When selecting your boiler maintenance and replacement team, do it carefully. Ensure that the company collaborates with skilled and trained engineers, able to deliver the most complex interventions in the shortest amounts of time. Besides, choose it right and you might enjoy attractive yearly maintenance plans, with boiler malfunction insurance.

Plug in the Refrigerator

Before moving in, make sure that all appliances are up and running. Although people unplug their refrigerators and turn those off before moving out, you want to make sure that all your grocery shopping will be safe to store in it during the first night. Also, this is a good strategy to disguise a broken refrigerator so before even considering grocery shopping, ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Change Your Mailing Address

Change Your Mailing Address
When you move to a new address, make sure that you change your current one and that you cancel your existing magazine subscriptions on your old address. This will be as easy as calling your local post office and providing them with the necessary documentation. Everything that you will receive in the mail from that on, you will receive at your new address.

Set Up a Professional Security System

If you’re just as safety-conscious as you should, install an advanced security system before moving into your new home. If your new property already has all the equipment installed, you can tackle everything in a matter of seconds. However, if it doesn’t, you want to discuss with a professional security company before even moving into your home. Make sure to have everything set up the moment you arrive, for a seamless experience.

Set Up the Internet

Set Up the Internet
Especially if your security system uses Wi-Fi cameras, you want to make sure that your Internet connection is up and running before you move into your new home. Besides, after a few hours of unpacking, you might want to watch a few episodes of your Netflix shows or even a couple of cute animal videos.

Meet the Neighbours!

Hopefully, for you and your family, your neighbours show up with Tupperware and some delicious meals for your first night at the new house. However, if they don’t make sure to get by and say hi to your new neighbours. You will be living next to each other for a while and you want to ensure that all relationships are running smoothly and easy. Invite them over for a beer and slice of pizza, even if you don’t have home-cooked food.

Take care of all these interventions and inspections before thinking about moving into your new home. You will thank yourself for it later when everything is up and running smoothly.