These days it seems like money is constantly flowing out of your bank account. Not a day goes by when some bill needs paying, a subscription needs renewing, something in the house needs replacing, the list of expenditures goes on and on. With everyone trying to navigate the harsh financial times we find ourselves in, here are a few tips and tricks to help you save money around the house. Keep reading for five fantastic money-saving tips for the home in 2021. 

Keep track of your in-goings and out-goings

Creating a budget planner for all of your bills, subscriptions, or whatever monthly costs you have is a great first step in trying to save money. By creating this plan, you get to see how much you are actually spending and saving, a difficult task if you just try to work it out whenever a bill arises, and by doing so you allow yourself the opportunity to see if you are saving enough, or if you are stretching your bank account too thin. If you find yourself overspending then all you have to do is go through your planner and start to think what is and is not necessary, it may take you being a little harsh with you and your loved ones about what is essential but by the end you will have an easy way to keep track of your money and see where you can save even more of it.

Swap service providers on a regular basis

Service providers love giving new customers discounts. We are constantly inundated with adverts about who is giving the best 6 month, 12 month, or 18 month contracts for electricity, broadband, mobile phones, and so on, and then when you see the price increase after those discounted months it is enough to scare the life out of any savings account, so you need to get yourself into the routine of seeing what great deals are out there and capitalising on them.

Find alternative ways of heating yourself up

Especially during the longer nights and colder days, it is important to keep on top of gas and electricity bills as it is easy to just turn the heating all the way up and leaving it there for 4 to 6 months. Finding other ways to heat up the home is vital to saving money, whether it be wearing a few extra layers around the house, putting a hot water bottle under your duvet so you do not need the radiator on, or investing in a wood burner. Wood burners are a great way of not only heating up the home but can also be a more eco-friendly option than most gas or electric heaters, so turn the radiators down and invest in a wood burner.

Learn useful DIY skills

We have all faced the dreaded labour costs when it comes to home repair. What should be a simple job turns into a money-draining nightmare when you factor in all the overhead and man-power costs, so do your best to learn some basic DIY skills. There are some jobs that are definitely better left to the professionals, but if you want to paint a room or need to put up a new set of shelves then it would save you a lot of money to do these kinds of jobs yourself, plus we all know the satisfaction of standing there and looking at your own job well done.  

Step away from the big brands every now and then

In this day and age, it is very easy to overpay for an item solely on the brand that is plastered all over it. this does not only apply to clothes and fancy watches, but also foods, cleaning products and furniture, so if you need to save a little more this month then try buying some supermarket own-brand items, or even go to a cheaper supermarket, its these little savings that add up to big results, so shop wisely and keep more of your hard-earned cash!