With many people having a lot of time on their hands recently and being in the home more, it has probably made you aware that your home could do with that all important touch up. Refreshing your tired looking home will certainly give you a new lease of life. Decluttering and removing your tired household items and giving your home the all important touch up that it requires, does not have to cost the earth.

If decorating is something that you are not a fan of or do not feel that you are much good at, then hiring the correct decorator can feel like a headache you really could not be bothered with. When hiring a decorator you want them to do a job that they would be proud of, so finding the correct person to do precisely what you need without cutting important corners is crucial when spending your hard earned money.

How to hire the correct decorator

Firstly, if you are hiring someone to decorate your home no matter how big or small the job may be, find someone or a company that is local to your area. The importance of hiring a local team will save you money, looking for a company outside of the catchment area you live in will otherwise add to the cost of the job, as they will add travel costs. So if you live in Ipswich for instance then googling painter and decorator Ipswich is where you will need to start.

Getting your home ready for decorating

Before decorating or painting, cleaning your home to a good standard is a must, removing furniture from the room that is going to be tackled will not only keep your furniture and personal items safe and clean, it will let you see how much space you have. Looking at the available space will let you see what furniture you wish to keep and what needs to be recycled or removed before starting your interior decorating. Washing woodwork, door frames, and skirting boards will help the paint look immaculate when it is applied.

Picking the correct wall coverings

What look do you want for your home? If you are revamping the whole house, you may want to stick to a certain colour theme throughout or have new and modern trends in each room. The beauty of redecorating is that you can have whatever you want. Making use of textures and different paints or wallpapers can give your home a cosy feeling, or making your walls stand out can make a bold statement. Your home is a reflection of your personality, so you can be as brave as you like. Being brave will come at another redecorating cost if you are going to look at resale in the future, so keep this in mind.

The correct lighting

Lighting in your home is important for more than one reason, and be careful when choosing a paint colour before setting on it, colours look different in different lights, and different rooms. Take into consideration the angle of the room, window light, as well as the artificial that will be placed in there. Get samples of paints, by painting patches on different sides of the walls, and looking at the colour over, the course of a few days at different times of the day will give you a better idea of what the true colour is going to end up like.

Dressing the room will add the feeling of space 

Some of us simply struggle with the size of the rooms that are in our home, so being clever with what furniture you have is paramount when it comes to making a room appear more spacious than it is. Being clever with your storage options can be a way to help, finding furniture that can be used as storage, coffee tables with drawers, or beds that lift to reveal an empty space is a good way to maximise your storage and minimise the clutter. Shelves can appear overcrowded, so adding boxes or baskets above eye level will appear neat and tidy and keep your items out of sight.


Painting and decorating is a lot simpler than people think, it can be expensive or as cost-effective as you like. If money is more difficult than previously, because of the pandemic, look for charity shop items or attend clearance sales, bargains can be found everywhere, if you spot someone throwing something away that would help you then, do not be afraid to ask for it. As the old saying goes, another man’s junk is someone else’s treasure. Not only is recycling good for the environment, but it is also good for your pocket. Looking online and through design ideas can give you the most fantastic ideas that you probably have never even considered could be one of your options.