Roof materials are important for the style and look of the roof and adding value to the architecture and the functionality of buildings.  The choice of roof materials influences the longevity of roofs because different roofing materials have different durability. Reconditioning the existing roof will enhance the looks of your home and increase its longevity, thus adding more value to the building. While proper roof installation and roof framing are essential, the choice of roof material can elevate the roof to the next level.

Asking some questions will help to select the right type of roofing material. Questions to ask include – whether the roof material complies with the fire code of your area, whether it will require some particular framing to support the weight, some special issues of maintenance and installation and how good the material will be to withstand the weather?

Here are some commonly used roofing materials.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are popular roofing material across the United States because of its high affordability and wide range of colors and style besides being easy to install. The shingles can be reinforced with organic materials like cellulose or fiberglass without altering the looks and shape. The wide availability of asphalt shingles is also a reason for its popularity. Besides matching well with traditional suburban building styles, asphalt shingles generally last for 20-25 years of work with many architectural styles.

Clay and concrete tiles

Clay tiles have now found its twin in concrete tiles that add texture and elegance to the roof. Tiles with flat, scalloped, or ribbed profiles are incredibly durable but quite heavy. They require special skills for installation by professional roofers like New Covenant Construction – Providing Roof Repair & Replacement ServicesConcrete tiles cost less than clay tiles and versatile, too, but very heavy. Concrete and clay tiles are energy efficient, non-combustible, and lasts for 40-50 years.

Metal roofing

Metal roofs are rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and are available in the form of shingles and panels made from steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc. Metal roofs look sleek, are lightweight, and long-lasting besides being recyclable. Metal roofs are suitable for those doing rainwater harvesting. Metal roofs provide high solar reflectance and last much longer than asphalt or roof but slightly more expensive. The roofs are ideal for cabins, bungalows, and cottage-style homes and can last for 40-75 years.


Slate roofs give a distinct style and character to the roof that looks elegant in various shades of gray, red, black, green, and purple. Slate is fire-resistant and can even last for a century besides being recyclable. Slate roofs that are costly and heavy are ideal for European, Colonial, and French chateau type homes.

Wood shingles and shake

Wood shingles and shake have been popular for more than a century because of its beautiful looks and the gray shade it acquires over time by resisting the weather conditions. Wood shakes are handmade and have coarse looks than wood shingles but check the fire codes of your area to consider the suitability for its use.